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Healthcare associated infections.

British Medical Association advises against doctors wearing neckties as they harbor germs which kill 5000 patients annually.

Tags: Clothing Hygiene Organizations Workplace.

Corporate branding.

Video surveillance company is requiring RFID chips to be implanted into its employees. (via)

Tags: Big brother Business Controversy Security Technology Workplace.

Hello Kitty Robo.

Japanese employment agency is offering employers robot receptionists.

Tags: Jobs Robots Workplace.

Occupational asthma.

Some people are really allergic to work.

Tags: Health Research Workplace.

I saw dead people.

Security guard fired for seeing ghosts. (via)

Tags: Fired People Security Unexplained Workplace.

Campaign promise.

Mayor will resign if he is re-elected.

Tags: Decline People Politics Workplace.

Help wanted.

Idaho city has no candidates on the upcoming election ballot.

Tags: Govern Politics Workplace.

It’s just fog.

Fire destroys historic replica that was initially disregarded by a 911 operator as ‘fog’. (via)

Tags: Fire Mistakes Phone Woopsie Workplace.

The Work Blind.

Man creates a curtain for his work cubicle that makes it look like he is working. (via)

Tags: Culture Deception Escape Humor Ideas Make People Workplace.

Take that!

Ukrainian President fires the country’s government.

Tags: Boss Fired People Politics Workplace.

Click, send.

How the Internet and ecommerce are actually increasing the volume of old-fashioned snail mail. (via)

Tags: Business Email Online shopping Technology Web Workplace World.

Simply Fired.

Man fired for eating pizza.

Tags: Boss Contests Fired Food People Search Web Workplace.

Model for quitting.

Fill-in-the-blank letter of resignation generator. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Jobs Resources Workplace.

Take that.

Torture your boss. (via)

Tags: Boss Humor People Workplace.

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