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Carbonated beverage that burns calories as you drink it. (via)

Tags: Beverages Fitness Products Weight loss.

Cytokine interleukin-7.

Scientists inject mice with an immune system regulator and prevent them from gaining weight. (via)

Tags: Animals Research Weight loss.

Size matters.

Wendy’s to remove the word ‘Biggie‘ from its menu. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Food Health Language Weight loss.

Power Pops.

Lollipops designed with natural ingredients that suppress hunger and boost energy to make you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Candy Diet Products Weight loss.

Hydroxycitric acid.

Ingredient in a bottled-water product called Skinny Water that suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Products Water Weight loss.

Slim Fit 20.

Pantyhose treated with caffeine micro capsules that increase the burning of fat and reduce cellulite and the “orange peel” effect. (via)

Tags: Clothing Hers Products Weight loss.


Gene discovered in mice that protects them against weight gain. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Genes Weight loss.

Free-electron laser.

Researchers have developed a laser beam that safely melts away human fat. (via)

Tags: Happiness Laser Weight loss.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Program designed to help school children lose weight by standing all day in the classroom. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health Kids Weight loss.

Ostfriesland Hotel.

German hotel is charging guests by how much they weigh.

Tags: Measure Travel Weight loss.

HP Photosmart R927.

Digital camera that ‘intelligently’ removes pixels making you look slimmer. (via)

Tags: Camera Crazes Culture Fitness Photos Weight loss.


Diet pill that shows amazing results if taken for more than two years. (via)

Tags: Crazes Diet Drugs Weight loss.


Drug that increases dreaming during sleep with a side effect of weight loss. (via)

Tags: Diet Drugs Happiness Health Sleep Weight loss.

Rhincodon typus.

Whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, are shrinking. (via)

Tags: Fish Research Sharks Weight loss.

Intuitive eating.

Professor loses weight with his ‘no-diet’ diet.

Tags: Crazes Culture Diet Food People Propaganda Weight loss.

Break ’em off some.

New Zealand man wants your liposuctioned fat to power his sailboat around the earth. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Ego People Sailing Too much free time Weight loss.

Earth shoes.

Shoes that help you build endurance and burn more calories. (via)

Tags: Fitness Footwear Health Products Weight loss.

Cookie diet.

Pennsylvania man ‘ate six nutritious, filling, hunger-suppressing cookies a day’ and lost 120 pounds! (via)

Tags: Bizarre Crazes Diet Food Health People Weight loss.

Spray off the lbs.

Getting high on weight loss: SLIMist, the inhalable weight-loss alternative. (via)

Tags: Health Products Weight loss.

Play misty for me.

Give your bland diet a little pizzazz with Flavor Spray. (via)

Tags: Bacon Diet Fitness Food Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

Good to the last drop.

Burn calories by drinking carbonated tea. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Fitness Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

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