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Adam Reuters.

News correspondent that will deliver real news as a character in the virtual world Second Life.

Tags: News Videogaming Virtual world Web.


Service that continuously backs up the data on your PC to a remote location over the internet. (via)

Tags: Backup Data Remote-storage service Technology Web.


Mobile service that helps you locate available city parking spaces which you can sell to others when you’re done. (via)

Tags: Business Discovery Mobile Online marketplace Parking Phone Technology Web.

Guten Tag, Hola, Bonjour, Buon giorno, Ola, Konichiwa, Annyong ha shimnikka, Ni hao.

A message to the all the readers of jasonspage from the editor-in-chief.

Tags: Web.

Readers of jasonspage.

We’re at Gnomedex so posting will be light the rest of this week…

Tags: Web.

Readers of jasonspage.

Why posting has been light this week and how your input might help.

Tags: RSS.

Test post.

This is only a test.

Tags: Discovery Web.

Photonic chip.

Circuit that uses light rather than electronics to switch on and off can deliver bandwidth at the rate of hundreds of terabits per second. (via)

Tags: Light Technology Web.


Online gym that allows customers to workout anywhere by offering streaming fitness videos on the internet. (via)

Tags: Fitness Web.


Advertisers are are designing website placeholders with ads on popular domain name misspellings. (via)

Tags: Controversy Marketing Web.

Rhode Island Wireless Innovation Networks.

Project designed to make Rhode Island the first state to offer a border-to-border wireless network. (via)

Tags: Milestones Web WiFi.


Company offering ‘web on a hard drive‘ where users can search the internet without actually being connected. (via)

Tags: Business Search Web.


Head-to-head game played in urban settings in which you have 3 weeks to hunt down your target and shoot them with a water gun.

Tags: Crazes Games Web.

Uncle Sam wants you.

U.S. Government has made documents recovered in Operation Iraqi Freedom availabe online for the public to help find the weapons of mass destruction. (via)

Tags: Information Weapons Web.

World wide waste.

North Dakota boy is attempting to print the entire Internet on paper. (via)

Tags: Challenge Kids Web.

Floating LCD Clock and Shuttle.

Alarm clock controlled by magnets that floats in mid-air. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Online shopping.


Service that lets you send and receive money by text messaging with your cell phone.

Tags: Money Online shopping Phone.


Website that has the #1 Billboard song for every day since 1940.

Tags: Culture Day Music Web.


Computer program that helps scientists design DNA sequences.

Tags: Bioengineering DNA Genes Web.


Cell phone technology that allows users to capture bar codes and get web-based manufacturer’s content delivered to their screens. (via)

Tags: Online shopping Phone Search Technology Web.


Service that will put ads on roofs. (via)

Tags: Business eBay Ideas Marketing Propaganda Web.


System that will allow users to communicate in “chat room” style using televisions. (via)

Tags: Technology TV User Web.


Email service will charge companies money to send email to help identify spam. (via)

Tags: Controversy Email Money.

The Syndicate®.

Online gaming community trademarks their guild name.

Tags: Games Legal Video Games Web.

Trace Archive.

Genetic database that stores DNA sequences records its billionth entry. (via)

Tags: DNA Milestones Research Resources Science Search Web.


Underwear enriched with vitamin C. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Health Online shopping Products Underwear.

Not for sale. Not for free.

Man forced to protect his Corvette that was falsely advertised as being free by someone else on Craigslist.

Tags: Bogus Cars Crime Web.

Face recognition.

Web site where you can upload your photo and find out which celebrity you look like. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Ego Photos Technology Web.


Virginia protester has legally changed his name to KentuckyFriedCruelty.com. (via)

Tags: Business People Protest Web.


Free website for learning the Esperanto language. (via)

Tags: Language Learning Resources Web.

Scrolling down.

The world’s tallest virtual building. (via)

Tags: Too much free time Web.

Cooking by numbers.

Website that generates recipes for the food you have in your fridge and cupboards.

Tags: Cooking Food Resources Web.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.


Swiss group believes that they can make Google eat itself. (via)

Tags: Business Google Ideas Marketing Money Search Web.

Click wars.

Website that lets you showcase your mouse-clicking skills. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Ego Web.

Planet Ketchup.

Website for all those ketchup lovers out there. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Condiments Web.

Sound psychology.

Web site that is hunting for the worst sound in the world. (via)

Tags: Annoying Culture Fear Research Sound Study User Web World.

Email time capsule.

Send an email to yourself and receive it years from now.

Tags: Email History Web.

Freedom fighters.

China shuts down blog after it was nominated for a ‘freedom of expression’ award.

Tags: Blog Culture Irony Nationality Politics Prevention Publishing Web.

Encyclopedia Brown.

Boy uses his spit and the Internet to track down biological father. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Family People Resources Search Web.

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