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Cooling alpha emitters.

Astrophysicist is developing a process to make the half-life of radioactive waste decay in tens of years rather than thousands. (via)

Tags: Half-life Nuclear waste Radioactive waste Research Waste.

Oxygen Generation System.

System that uses astronaut urine to generate breathable oxygen.

Tags: ISS Oxygen Space Waste Water.

Thorium reactor.

Nuclear fuel source that is meltdown-proof and safely burns up existing radioactive waste. (via)

Tags: Energy Nuclear Technology Waste.


Aerosol spray that forms a ‘frosty film’ on pet poop making it easier to clean up. (via)

Tags: Animals Environmental Pets poop Products Waste.

Microbial fuel cells.

Scientists discover that the natural process of microbes breaking down wastewater can be converted into usable electricity. (via)

Tags: Discovery Eco-friendly Energy Green Recycling Waste Water.

Sewage heat pump plant.

Norway is using refrigerator technology to provide warmth for houses by extracting heat from sewage. (via)

Tags: Technology Waste.


Company has developed a method for harnessing electromagnetic energy present in the environment to produce energy for powering devices. (via)

Tags: Energy Ideas Recycling Waste.


Scientists have discovered a bacteria that converts uranium contamination into an inert form.

Tags: Discovery Waste.

There’s no flow.

Florida town may have to buy human waste in order to get their new treatment facility running. (via)

Tags: Embarrassing Waste.

Cheese wizards.

Wisconsin company develops technology that converts cheese waste into ethanol. (via)

Tags: Food Products Technology Waste.

No bull.

Japanese scientists extract gasoline from cow dung.

Tags: Animals Gas Waste.

Chemo-biotechnological conversion.

Process using soil bacterium that converts Styrofoam into a biodegradeable plastic.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Materials Recycling Waste.

Biomass program.

San Francisco waste company to collect dog poo from city parks and turn it into electricity.

Tags: Animals Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Pets Recycling Waste.

California cocktail.

Prescription drug traces discovered in treated Los Angeles drinking water.

Tags: Discovery Drugs Environmental Health Pollution Waste Water.


Environmental movement demonstrates how people can feed themselves for free by rescuing food thrown away by others. (via)

Tags: Environmental Food Prevention Recycling Waste.

Leftovers to Lights.

California utility considering using food waste from restaurants to produce methane gas. (via)

Tags: Energy Gas Ideas Recycling Resources Waste.

Blue ice.

Purple rain falling on Pennsylvania town. (via)

Tags: Pollution Unexplained Waste Water.

Blast off.

Bacteria that eat human waste and produce rocket fuel. (via)

Tags: Discovery Research Waste.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.


Toilet that uses no water, electricity, or chemicals. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Products Waste.

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