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Vecna BEAR robot.

Robot that will extract wounded troops from the battlefield. (via)

Tags: Robots Soldiers Survival Technology War.

Graf Zeppelin.

Divers have discovered the wreckage of Germany’s only aircraft carrier from World War II. (via)

Tags: Discovery History War Warship Wreckage WWII.

Yogic flying.

People are trying to build a shield of invincibility around Israel through transcendental meditation. (via)

Tags: Politics Religion Survival War.

Personal powdered blood packs.

Freeze-dried blood being developed for battlefield transfusions that soldiers will carry in their personal supplies. (via)

Tags: Blood Soldiers Survival Technology War Wounds.


British submarine from World War I discovered in deep water off the coast of Scotland. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Submarine War WWI.

Shear thickening fluid.

Liquid to be used in armor that immediately becomes solid and absorbs energy when impacted by a ballistic threat.

Tags: Armor Materials Survival War.

Unique Signature Detection Project.

DARPA-funded project that aims to develop technology for soldiers to identify high-level-of-interest persons by chemosignals emanating from body scent. (via)

Tags: Future Military Project Research Smell Soldiers Technology War.

Federal Excise Tax.

US Treasury Department has repealed a tax on long-distance phone calls that was created to fund the Spanish-American War of 1898. (via)

Tags: Money Phone Taxes War.

Project Tripwire.

Surveillance program that will monitor wild animals for signs of bioterrorism. (via)

Tags: Animals War WMDs.

Lord Sandwich.

Ship deliberately sunk by the British during the Revolutionary War discovered off the coast of Rhode Island. (via)

Tags: Discovery History War.


Sensors which are designed to capture and record a soldier’s combat movements and encounters.

Tags: Big brother Soldiers Technology War.

Old debts.

Britain to make final payment on money loaned from the United States during World War II.

Tags: Money Nationality War.

War is over.

Mexico to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs.

Tags: Crime Drugs Govern War.


Unmanned ground combat vehicle. (via)

Tags: Robots Technology War.

Holy Grail.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of the Knights of Templar in a castle dating back to the Crusades. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Religion War.


Rearing facility that sterilizes 2.7 billion medflies a week and air drops them back into the wild.

Tags: Bugs Pests War.


Stealth jet that is launched from the missle tubes of nuclear submarines. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Technology War.


Lightweight military facial armor. (via)

Tags: Soldiers Survival War.


Experimental vaccine is proving to be safe and effective in preventing ricin poisoning.

Tags: Drugs Research War Weapons.

Unidentified buried object.

Large unknown man-made metal object to be unearthed from a Georgia cemetery. (via)

Tags: Antiques Archaeology Discovery History Unexplained War.

Acoustic swimmer denial system.

Sonar device targeting SCUBA-equipped terrorists causes severe gastic distress which makes the victim vomit in their mask. (via)

Tags: Prevention Technology War Weapons.

Eternal City.

Plans discovered for Berlin to be rebuilt in the likeness of St. Peter’s Square after Hitler conquered the world. (via)

Tags: Build Celebrity History People Secret War.

Advanced Tactical Laser.

High energy laser that is able to produce ‘lethal and non-lethal effects on the battlefield and in urban operations. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Laser War Weapons.

Kill ’em all.

Secret British documents reveal Churchill wanted Hitler to be electrocuted, Ghandi to be starved. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History People War.

Pain ray.

Device that fires microwave-like beams which heat up the water inside a person and cause excruciating pain to be deployed to Iraq. (via)

Tags: Technology War Weapons.


Mesopotamian city shows evidence of being destroyed by ‘large scale organized warfare

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History War.

Ass-isting the effort.

Donkeys are being used as suicide bombers in Afghanistan. (via)

Tags: Animals War Weapons.

Once New Amsterdam.

Subway dig in New York City unearths Pre-Revolutionary War fort. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Preservation War.

Yo ho ho.

Cruise liner attacked by pirates.

Tags: Fear Sailing War.

Unknown soldier.

World War II pilot found frozen in glacier. (via) UPDATE: The body has been identified.

Tags: Body Death Discovery History Preservation War.

Aluminum oxynitride.

US Military is developing see-through aluminum armor. (via)

Tags: Materials Resources Soldiers Synthetics War.

War on cancer.

Delaware researchers have created a bomb to destroy cancer cells. (via)

Tags: Bombs Disease Health Nanotechnology Research War Weapons.

Will I get it?

Brazilian psychic is claiming that the United States owes him the $25 million reward for providing the hiding place of Saddam Hussein.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy Discovery Legal Money People Unexplained War.

Hot Eagle.

The Air Force and DARPA are studying options for a reusable space vehicle that could place a squad of Marines halfway across the globe within 2 hours. (via)

Tags: Soldiers Space Special Ops Study Travel War.

Live munitions: Part III.

Workers find WW2-era explosive at Moscow hotel.

Tags: Bombs Discovery War Weapons.

Budgetary oversight?

Apparently, we who have telephones are still funding the Spanish-American War. (via)

Tags: Money Politics Propaganda War.

Stiff neck.

So that’s why that kink in my neck just never seemed to go away.

Tags: Health Lucky Survival War.


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may have been killed this past weekend in Fallujah.

Tags: News People War.

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