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Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System.

Bionic eyes successfully implanted into blind human patients. (via)

Tags: Blindness Eye Technology Vision.


Blind man’s vision is restored by having his son’s tooth inserted into his eye.

Tags: Teeth Vision.

Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3.

Researchers discover a protein that makes vision possible by allowing the cornea to remain free of blood vessels. (via)

Tags: Cornea Discovery Eyes Vision.

Prosthetic retina.

Micro camera implanted into the eye that will restore vision for the blind. (via)

Tags: Blindness Eye Research Technology Vision.


Researchers have developed materials that can bend radio waves and light in any direction and allow objects to appear invisible.

Tags: Future Light Materials Nanotechnology Technology Vision.

Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector.

Device that can see invisible infrared light in color. (via)

Tags: Light Technology Vision.

Golf-Ball Finding Glasses.

Lenses that block out dark colors and allow white to pass through making golf balls easy to locate. (via)

Tags: Golf Products Vision.

Pierced Glasses.

Eyewear that is mounted to the face by piercing the bridge of the nose.

Tags: Body Eye Vision.


Mysterious eye fungus that causes blindness is spreading across the U.S. and seems to target soft contact lens wearers.

Tags: Disease Eye Vision.


Green algae protein injected in retinal cells helps recover visual response in blind mice. (via)

Tags: Animals Eye Research Vision.


Do-it-yourself Lasik surgery kit. (via)

Tags: Eye How-to Surgery Vision.


Woman without eyes has device implanted into her brain that allows her to see. (via)

Tags: Eye Technology Vision.

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