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Human-to-human transmission.

World Health Organization confirms that a person in Indonesia has transmitted bird flu to another person.

Tags: Bird flu Discovery Disease Health Mutation Virus.


Drug entering clinical trials that blocks the spread of HIV.

Tags: Clinical trials Drugs HIV Virus.

Pan troglodytes troglodytes.

Scientists discover a chimpanzee species in Africa as the origin of the HIV virus.

Tags: Animals Discovery HIV Virus.


Protein discovered that kills the anthrax virus by causing its cell walls to explode.

Tags: Discovery Environmental Research Virus.


Researchers build tiny batteries using viruses as power. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Energy Genes Virus.

Organometallic compounds.

Scientists engineer nanoparticles on top of a plant virus. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Nanotechnology Virus.

Bad eggs.

RFID chips implanted for idenfication in animals and inventory are susceptible to computer viruses. (via)

Tags: Computers Technology Virus.

Transgenic mosquito.

Researchers have engineered mosquitoes to be resistant to infection by dengue fever virus.

Tags: Bioengineering Bugs Virus.


Incurable disease on a French-controlled island off the coast of Africa has infected 1/5 of the population and is responsible for 77 deaths this week. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Virus.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

World Health Organization says that polio virus has been eradicated from Egypt and Niger. (via)

Tags: Disease Health Milestones Organizations Virus.


Newly discovered virus that may reclassify viruses as the the impetus for life forming on Earth. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Genes Virus.

Electronic olfactory system.

Scientists are developing a smelling device that would detect diseases from human breath.

Tags: Disease Gadgets HIV Smell Virus.

Directed evolution.

Scientists have manipulated a benign virus to bypass the immune system and act as a delivery agent for gene therapy.

Tags: Bioengineering DNA Genes Virus.


Compound that kills the HIV virus. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Drugs HIV Virus.

H5N1 Vaccine.

Researchers say they have created a bird flu vaccine that is 100% effective in tests so far. (via)

Tags: Disease Research Virus.

Electron tomography.

Scientists discover how the influenza virus organizes and replicates.

Tags: Disease Milestones Science Virus.


X-ray method has produced the first coffin-like images of the HIV virus.

Tags: Milestones Photos Virus.

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