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Company offering subscribers on-demand home viewing of movies the day they are released on DVD.

Tags: Business Entertainment Movies Video.

Lenticular printing process.

The Netherlands has used a specialized printing process to produce the first video postage stamp. (via)

Tags: Milestones Printing Video.

Drosophila melanogangsters.

Harvard research program dubbed Fruit Fly Fight Club pits fruit flies fighting against one another, with video. (via)

Tags: Bugs Education Research Study Video.

Sonoma footage.

Possible Sasquatch sighting in Northern California, with video.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Culture Unexplained Video.

Traffic Vizzion.

Service lets you monitor traffic cameras from your cell phone. (via)

Tags: Phone Resources Technology Video.

Moving ads.

German electronics firm has created paper-sized TV screens that can be used to animate ads in newspapers and magazines. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Publishing Technology TV Video.

How it should have ended.

Web site with animated alternate endings to movies. (via)

Tags: Art Culture Downloads Entertainment Humor Ideas Movies Star Wars Video Web.

Buddy system.

RentmyDVR.com: Hire someone to digitally record your favorite TV show for you to download. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies Resources Technology TV Video Web.

Pricelessly awful.

The ‘Chuck says, Rufus says, Kathy says‘ hilarity that was R. Kelly‘s live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity Embarrassing Entertainment Humor Music People TV Video.


Have your life flash before someone else’s eyes with your very own video gravestone. (via)

Tags: Death Ego Ideas Technology Video.

UFO to-do.

Comprehensive 10-step guide on handling a UFO encounter. (via)

Tags: Mistakes Photos Space Survival UFO Unexplained Video.

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