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Global Gaming League.

Media company that is in talks with Chinese government about getting video games into the 2008 Olympics as a demo sport. (via)

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Mind-machine interface.

Neural technology is being developed that will allow video gamers to control action with their minds. (via)

Tags: Brain Technology Video Games.

Kilowatt Game Controller.

Exercise machine that sculpts your body while you play video games.

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The Syndicate®.

Online gaming community trademarks their guild name.

Tags: Games Legal Video Games Web.

2006 Nissan Urge.

Nissan concept car to include a built-in Xbox 360 gaming system.

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Texas corporation will have online gaming competitions with trips to space as winning prizes. (via)

Tags: Business Challenge Games Marketing Prizes Space Travel Video Games.

Buttkicker Gamer.

Physical feedback device that shakes your seat during video game play. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Games Products Video Games.

M.S. Interactive Entertainment.

University of Central Florida starts video game graduate school program. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Education Resources Video Games.


If you loved the now-defunct ESPN NFL 2K5 video game, you can now upload the 2006 team rosters for both PS2 and XBox! (via)

Tags: Football Preservation Resources Sports Video Games.

Game over.

Man tests his video game skills and tries to outrun cops in real life. (via)

Tags: Cars Caught Chase Crime Drugs Fear Parole violation People Video Games Wanted Woopsie.


South Korean man who played video games for 50 hours straight dies of heart failure.

Tags: Challenge Death Games People Video Games.

Spartan achievement.

You can minor in video game design at Michigan State University.

Tags: Education Ideas Research Video Games.


Online video gaming habit ultimately foils criminal-at-large.

Tags: Caught Crime Discovery Kidnapping Video Games.


2.5 million Chinese suffer from Internet addiction.” (via)

Tags: Health People Politics Prevention Propaganda Technology Video Games Web.

Never say never again.

Sean Connery has agreed to play James Bond one more time.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Movies People Video Games.

Video name

Somewhat comical thread about a man threatening to sue over a video game that uses his name.

Tags: Humor Legal Video Games.

Oh Mario

Ever wonder why Nintendo’s Mario looks the way he does? Great, because now you can read a neat little piece on his visual evolution!

Tags: Culture People Video Games.


Great article on supposing and classifying how video games reveal who we are. Or as the article put it: “Video games are a window to our souls and the view isn’t always pretty”.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Technology Video Games.

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