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The Baby Mind Reader.

Man who professes to being able to read the minds of babies. (via)

Tags: Kids Medium People Psychic Unexplained.

Bigfoot: How Do We Know?

Idaho museum to open a Bigfoot exhibit.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Museum Unexplained.


Skull of unknown horned animal discovered at the edge of the Arctic Circle. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Unexplained.

Lake Vui.

Volcanic activity has mysteriously changed the color of a South Pacific island lake from blue to bright red. (via)

Tags: Natural Disasters Unexplained Water.


Village discovered in Iran whose residents are cavemen. (via)

Tags: Discovery People Unexplained.


Sleeping drug that is allowing patients to temporarily wake up from a permanent vegetative state. (via)

Tags: Brain Drugs Injury Unexplained.

Cell Track-ID.

Technique that can amplify genetic information from single strands of DNA may prove that Jack the Ripper was a woman.

Tags: Celebrity DNA History People Technology Unexplained.

One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

Foundation offering a million dollar reward for anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal event. (via)

Tags: Challenge Money Unexplained.

Morgellons disease.

Mysterious disease in which different-colored fibers pop out of the afflicted person’s skin.

Tags: Deadly Disease Unexplained.

Madonna of Civitavecchia.

Statue of Mary located in a shrine north of Rome is crying salty tears. (via)

Tags: Religion Unexplained.


Russian telecommunications satellite is being moved into a graveyard orbit due to a mysterious sudden external impact.

Tags: Space Technology Unexplained.

Jian Seng.

Ghost ship found drifting off the coast of Australia. (via)

Tags: Discovery Sailing Unexplained.


Connection between quantum physics and prime number distributions helped to reveal the third moment of the Riemann zeta function.

Tags: Numbers Physics Unexplained.


DNA test to be performed on Bigfoot footprint to determine its existence once and for all.

Tags: Bigfoot DNA Unexplained.

Powdery yucky substance.

Rain containing myterious white dust fell on Idaho. (via)

Tags: Unexplained Weather.


Red rain that fell on India in 2001 may have contained alien life. (via)

Tags: Unexplained Weather.

Without a trace.

Myterious tremors felt in Maine last week did not show up on seismic instruments.

Tags: Bizarre Earthquake Unexplained.

Dead Man Dancing.

Comatose man given up for dead regains conciousness after life support is turned off and attends his daughter’s wedding.

Tags: Death People Survival Unexplained Weddings.

GRB 060218.

NASA telescope picks up mysterious cosmic explosion.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space Unexplained.

Electric-dipole moment.

Phenomenon that is helping scientists answer why there is more matter in the universe than anti-matter. (via)

Tags: Matter Measure Phenomena Unexplained.

Star children.

Evidence of children encountering UFOs and extraterrestrials to be presented to a United Nations affiliated conference.

Tags: Information Kids Organizations UFO Unexplained.

Unertan syndrome.

Genetic defect in which the afflicted patient loses speech and crawls on on all fours. (pdf) (html) (via)

Tags: Discovery Evolution Unexplained.


Florida town is mysteriously losing 1 to 2 million gallons of water a month.

Tags: Lost Measure Unexplained Water.

Orang Lenggor.

Malaysian wildlife society has scientific evidence of a Bigfoot colony living in the jungle.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Propaganda Unexplained.

Parapsychology 101.

Indiana University to offer course in ghost hunting. (via)

Tags: Death Education How-to Unexplained.

Number Five is alive.

Futuristic robot disappears during cross-country trip and hasn’t been seen since. (via)

Tags: Robots Technology Unexplained.

Global Consciousness Project.

Research into the theory that collective human consciousness influences objective reality and is able to be measured to predict future events.

Tags: Research Unexplained World.

Lateral gene transfer.

Biologists discover that a toxin shared between spider venom and a bacterium is the result of an unknown evolutionary exchange.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Evolution Genes Research Unexplained.

Hearing aid.

Man’s deafness is cured after riding a ski lift. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Sound Unexplained.

Next stop: sainthood.

Catholic nun inexplicably cured of Parkinson’s disease after praying to John Paul II.

Tags: Disease People Religion Unexplained.

Unidentified buried object.

Large unknown man-made metal object to be unearthed from a Georgia cemetery. (via)

Tags: Antiques Archaeology Discovery History Unexplained War.

Go to heaven!

Kenyan woman curses God and dies in her sleep.

Tags: Death People Religion Unexplained.


Physicist believes that microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang may contain a hidden message from the creator of the universe. (via)

Tags: People Physics Space Theories Unexplained.

Closing in on paydirt.

Strong possibility that muddy footprints discovered in the jungles of Malaysiawere made by a Bigfoot creature. (via)

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Discovery Unexplained.

Eye can see!

Blind woman regains sight after suffering a heart attack.

Tags: Bizarre People Unexplained.


Unidentified animal that ‘looked like something that has been dead for a month’ shot and killed in Texas. (via) UPDATE: Animal identified

Tags: Animals Death Discovery Unexplained.


Man attacked for twenty minutes by ‘invisible creatures. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Cryptozoology People Unexplained.

Invisible man.

Chinese man unable to be photographed. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Photos Unexplained.

Bigfoot afoot.

Bigfoot footprints discovered in India. (via)

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Cryptozoology Discovery Unexplained.

Zero Point Field.

Scientists discover subatomic vibrations that surround us and penetrate us and bind the galaxy together. (via)

Tags: Science Star Wars Unexplained.

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