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Randall-Sundrum braneworld model.

Theory of gravity that holds that the visible universe is a membrane embedded within a larger universe. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Space Theories.

Big Bounce.

Researchers combine quantum physics with general relativity and detect a pre-Big Bang universe. (via)

Tags: Math Science Space Theories.

Thermodynamic theory of evolution.

Idea that microbes biochemically processing carbon dioxide into methane and vinegar may be the origin of life on Earth. (via)

Tags: Discovery Life Theories.

Disorder in complex systems.

Physicists discover that introducing disorder into a system removes the chaos and creates order.

Tags: Discovery Physics Theories.

Gravitational field equation.

Physicist to prove that travelling at the speed of light is possible and safe.

Tags: People Physics Theories Travel.


Physicist believes that microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang may contain a hidden message from the creator of the universe. (via)

Tags: People Physics Space Theories Unexplained.


Scientists have finally calculated the atomic structure of a highly caustic, “super acid” molecule. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Measure Milestones Theories.

And we shall call you Earthlings.

Ancient Egyptians descended from Martians.(via)

Tags: Theories UFO Unexplained.

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