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Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System.

Bionic eyes successfully implanted into blind human patients. (via)

Tags: Blindness Eye Technology Vision.

Mobile Digital Scribe.

Pen that captures sketches/handwriting and stores it as a JPEG.

Tags: Products Technology.

LZR Racer.

World’s fastest swimsuit.

Tags: Swimming Technology.


Procedure that stops the progression of liver cancer by injecting patients with millions of glass beads. (via)

Tags: Cancer Research Technology.

Vecna BEAR robot.

Robot that will extract wounded troops from the battlefield. (via)

Tags: Robots Soldiers Survival Technology War.


Technology developed that tracks the location of cell phones. (via)

Tags: GPS Phone Technology.

Health and Food Advice Robot.

Company has developed a robot that tastes wine and can differentiate between 30 different varieties of grapes.

Tags: Alcohol Robots Technology Wine.


Sticker that lets you know when fruit has ripened. (via)

Tags: Fruit Measure Ripe Technology.


Service that continuously backs up the data on your PC to a remote location over the internet. (via)

Tags: Backup Data Remote-storage service Technology Web.

Illicit Drug Detector.

Gun being developed for law enforcement that will use UV light to scan for drugs. (via)

Tags: Drugs HAZMAT Homeland Security Law enforcement Security Technology.

Synthetic Gecko.

Material developed that is based on the sticky feet of geckos. (via)

Tags: Adhesive Animals Bioinspiration Materials Technology.

Hole quantum wire.

Researchers have created a wire that lines up electrons in single file and passes electric current in the holes between them. (via)

Tags: Electronics Future Magnetics Nanotechnology Spintronics Technology.

Personal powdered blood packs.

Freeze-dried blood being developed for battlefield transfusions that soldiers will carry in their personal supplies. (via)

Tags: Blood Soldiers Survival Technology War Wounds.

Nano air vehicle.

Unmanned spy plane to be developed that will be the size of a maple seed.

Tags: Aircraft Black ops Defense contracts Recon Special Ops Technology.

Memory Spot.

Wireless data chip that will enable digital content to be attached to paper documents and physical objects. (via)

Tags: Content Data Digital Technology.

Plasma magnet.

Device that will create a plasma cloud around spacecraft and shield astronauts from cosmic rays.

Tags: Future Research Space Technology Travel.


CBS will advertise TV shows for its fall lineup on the shells of eggs.

Tags: Eggs Food Ideas Marketing Technology TV.


LASER-based system that creates a 5-mile shield around airports to protect them from attacks. (via)

Tags: Airports Defense Security Technology Terrorism Weapons.


Scientists are using modified silk fibers to encourage damaged nerve cells to regenerate. (via)

Tags: Materials Nerve cells Regeneration Research Technology.

Prosthetic retina.

Micro camera implanted into the eye that will restore vision for the blind. (via)

Tags: Blindness Eye Research Technology Vision.

Neuromotor prosthesis.

Computer that detects brain signals allows paralysis victims to control actions with their mind. (via)

Tags: Brain Computer Future Mind control Paralysis Technology.

Active Building Envelope.

Thin-film technology that uses solar energy to turn ordinary surfaces into climate control systems. (via)

Tags: AC Discovery HVAC Materials Technology.


Mobile service that helps you locate available city parking spaces which you can sell to others when you’re done. (via)

Tags: Business Discovery Mobile Online marketplace Parking Phone Technology Web.

Cellular aluminum.

Aluminum material developed that is porously designed like foam to be strong and evenly distribute impact forces.

Tags: Materials Metals Nanotechnology Recycling Technology.

Intraosteous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis.

Technology that attaches metal with human bone will allow connections for artificial implants to protrude out of the skin. (via)

Tags: Artificial implants Research Technology.


Payment system that uses radio frequency to read credit cards is being tested by Coca-Cola for use in vending machines.

Tags: Convenient Credit card Debit card Payment Technology Vending.

Texas Petawatt Laser.

LASER to be test fired in 2007 that will produce 1,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power.

Tags: Energy Laser Light Technology.

Smell this.

Engineers are creating a device that can record smells and play them back.

Tags: Future Scents Smells Technology.

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound.

Researchers have created a device that can regrow teeth. (via)

Tags: Regeneration Research Technology Teeth.

Walkie Talkie Watches.

Voice-activated private mobile radio watch. (via)

Tags: Future Gadgets Products Technology.

Crowd power.

Engineers are developing technology that will capture the vibrations created by people walking and convert it into usable energy. (via)

Tags: Energy Ideas Technology Urban planning Vibrations Walking.

Emotionally aware computers.

Computer has been designed that can interpret facial expressions and read people’s minds. (via)

Tags: Computer Emotions Mind reading Technology.

Stealth radar system.

Radar that generates signal across a variety of frequencies which can be tuned to see through solid walls. (via)

Tags: Law enforcement Radar Search and Rescue Special Ops Technology.


Laser interferometer that can detect gravitational waves caused by the motions of matter that have rippled across space-time since the Big Bang. (via)

Tags: Big Bang Gravity Matter Relativity Space Technology Time.

Thorium reactor.

Nuclear fuel source that is meltdown-proof and safely burns up existing radioactive waste. (via)

Tags: Energy Nuclear Technology Waste.

Embedded and Communicating Agents.

Technology that allows robots to evolve their own language and communicate with other robots. (via)

Tags: Communication Future Robots Technology.

Road energy system.

Company is paving roads with technology that absorbs heat and converts it into usable energy. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Green Roads Solar power Technology.

Electroporation microfluidic channel.

Researchers have created a device that can scan a single cell for diseases. (via)

Tags: Cells Drugs Genes Scanner Technology.


Handheld device that shoots an electromagnetic pulse and stops migraine headaches from forming. (via)

Tags: Device Discovery Headaches Migraines Research Technology.


Unmanned drone to be tested in Los Angeles for use as a law enforcement surveillance tool.

Tags: Big brother Controversy Crime Privacy Surveillance Technology.

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