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Supramolecular rubber.

Scientists have created a rubber product that heals itself.

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Scientists have synthetically reproduced the fruit compound responsible for the natural smell of green apples.

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Sand-like material that is poured directly into wounds to prevent bleeding to death.

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Blood substitute that is made from real blood that has expired. (via)

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Israeli company has created a material five times stronger than steel. (via)

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Scientists have created a material 40 times harder than diamonds. (via)

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Man creates colored bubbles. (via)

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Aluminum oxynitride.

US Military is developing see-through aluminum armor. (via)

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Dish Maker.

Machine molds cups, plates, and bowls out of a recyclable material that can be remolded again and again.

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Plastic that is made from plants and dissolves in water. (via)

Tags: Environmental Ideas Materials Recycling Synthetics Water.

Spider silk.

Scientists in Montreal have bred dairy goats with a spider and produced a unique silk protein, called BioSteel, for use in bulletproof vests, medical supplies and space equipment. (via)

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