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Scottish island with only 15 inhabitants is seeking tenants. (via)

Tags: Commerce Family Island Survival.

Homologous recombination.

Scientists discover that plants pass on stressful memories to their offspring. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Genes Plants Survival.

Vecna BEAR robot.

Robot that will extract wounded troops from the battlefield. (via)

Tags: Robots Soldiers Survival Technology War.

Yogic flying.

People are trying to build a shield of invincibility around Israel through transcendental meditation. (via)

Tags: Politics Religion Survival War.

Personal powdered blood packs.

Freeze-dried blood being developed for battlefield transfusions that soldiers will carry in their personal supplies. (via)

Tags: Blood Soldiers Survival Technology War Wounds.

Low-density amorphous ice.

Research on a form of water supports the idea that living cells could survive cryopreservation and be reanimated. (via)

Tags: Future Life Preservation Research Survival Water.

Shear thickening fluid.

Liquid to be used in armor that immediately becomes solid and absorbs energy when impacted by a ballistic threat.

Tags: Armor Materials Survival War.

Beating-heart transplant.

British doctors keep a donor heart alive and pumping blood for five hours before successfully transplanting it into the patient.

Tags: Milestones Surgery Survival Technology Transplant.

High expression of osmotically responsive gene 1.

Biochemical regulator discovered that allows plants to survive cold weather condtions. (via)

Tags: Discovery Plants Research Survival.

Terra firma, terra firma.

Two men cross the Bering Strait on foot. UPDATE: Russian authorities have detained them.

Tags: Challenge People Survival.

Maize insect resistance cysteine protease.

Corn enzyme that protects the plants from herbivores by disrupting their attackers’ ability to digest food. (via)

Tags: Evolution Plants Research Survival.

Southpaw competitive advantage.

Snails are better-suited to survive against predators if they are left-handed.

Tags: Lefthanded Survival.

Tornado-propelled human flight.

Man is whisked 1300 feet away from his home by a tornado and lives. (via)

Tags: Lucky People Record breakers Survival.


Sand-like material that is poured directly into wounds to prevent bleeding to death.

Tags: Blood Survival Synthetics.

Mutational deterministic hypothesis.

Sex has evolved as a population cleansing mechanism by concentrating harmful gene mutations into individuals that will eventually be thinned from the herd. (via)

Tags: Evolution Genes Preservation Sex Spouse Survival.


Theory of shading the Earth with mirrors to counter the effects of global warming. (via)

Tags: Global warming Ideas Survival.

Methyl jasminate.

Chemical released as a defense mechanism that prepares plants for attack is an ingredient in Chanel No. 5 perfume. (via)

Tags: Plants Products Survival.

Expanded Programme on Immunization.

Vietnam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem.

Tags: Health Kids Milestones Nationality Survival.

Dead Man Dancing.

Comatose man given up for dead regains conciousness after life support is turned off and attends his daughter’s wedding.

Tags: Death People Survival Unexplained Weddings.


Shoes designed to help illegal immigrants cross the U.S.-Mexican border. (via)

Tags: Footwear Survival Travel.


Lightweight military facial armor. (via)

Tags: Soldiers Survival War.


Scorpion lives for 15 months trapped inside a plaster mold. (via)

Tags: Animals Rescue Survival.


People who live for years without food or water and claim to get their nutrition from cosmic energy. (via)

Tags: Food People Survival Water.

Profound hypothermia.

Doctors have successfully put pigs into suspended animation. (via)

Tags: Animals Body Death Research Science Survival.

Shaken, not stirred.

Russian winter has been so brutally cold that travelling circuses are giving buckets of vodka to elephants. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Animals Survival.

Tandem running.

Ants learn how to find food by being taught by other ants.

Tags: Bugs Food Learning Survival.

Latimira chalumnae.

400 million year-old species of fish, called a coelacanth, is in danger of finally going extinct. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish Survival.

Caenorhabditis elegans.

Worms that were experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia were recovered alive from the wreckage. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Research Space Study Survival.


Man who dies 32 times in 20 minutes survives. (via)

Tags: Death Lucky People Survival.

Your bad.

Indian astrologer fails to die after predicting his own death because too many people had ‘prayed for him to live’.

Tags: Death Magic Mistakes People Prevention Survival Unexplained.

Heat exchange disorder.

Russian man with rare disease has been living in a giant refrigerator for 15 years. (via)

Tags: Disease Health People Survival.

The gods must be crazy.

Hurricane Katrina causing massive shortages of beer and cigarettes in affected areas.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Natural Disasters Survival.

Half the man.

Russian man survives after cutting himself in half with circular saw. (via)

Tags: Health Injury Lucky Mistakes People Survival Woopsie.

Rock still lives.

Hard Rock Cafe‘s 112-foot electric guitar sign survives 7 hours of 100-mph hurricane-force winds in Biloxi. (via)

Tags: Hard rock Music Natural Disasters Survival Unexplained.

Social web.

Craigslist Lost & Found for New Orleans being used to track lost family and friends displaced by Hurricane Katrina. (via)

Tags: Ideas Natural Disasters News People Rescue Search Survival Web.

Martial law.

Prisoners from the Orleans Parish Prison are staged on the highway as floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover the streets.

Tags: History Natural Disasters News People Photos Prison Survival.


Ted Nugent is offering his hunting skills to protect Manitoba from bears.

Tags: Animals Celebrity Deadly Death Hunting Music People Preservation Prevention Security Survival.

Hey Booboo.

Bear arrested and put behind bars in Russia for ‘begging’.

Tags: Animals Caught Food Prison Rescue Survival.


Putting the homeless to work by putting advertisements on them.

Tags: Business Culture Ideas Jobs Marketing Survival.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.

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