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7.6 billion years.

Astronomers calculate when the Earth will be vaporized by the Sun.

Tags: Astronomy Calculate Earth Sun.

XMMXCS 2215-1734.

Galaxy cluster discovered 10 billion light-years from Earth that weighs 500 trillion times the mass of the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Earth Massive Space Sun.

E-V Sunny Bicycle.

Solar-powered bicycle. (via)

Tags: Energy Green Machines Sun.

Flexible solar panel technology.

Scientist has created a solar-electric membrane designed to act like a flying carpet and carry a payload into space. (via)

Tags: Energy Propulsion Space Sun Technology Travel.

Autopia Ampere.

German architect wants to use the process of mineral accretion to build a self-assembling city from the sea. (via)

Tags: Build Design Sun Water.


Solar powered airplane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Energy Sun.

Solar purification.

African villages are using the sun to purify drinking water. (via)

Tags: Health Sun Technology Water.

Plastic solar cell.

Spray-on composite that harnesses solar energy and turns it into electricity. (via)

Tags: Energy Materials Nanotechnology Sun.


Italian town is building a giant mirror to give itself some sunlight. (via)

Tags: Build Sun.

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