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Psychological neoteny.

Researchers find that more people are growing up and are never reaching mental adulthood.

Tags: Adulthood Maturity People Research Study.

A Framework for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the United States.

Department of Energy estimates that 900,000 megawatts of wind energy exists off U.S. coast. (via)

Tags: Energy Offshore wind energy Study.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation.

Speed-limiting technology being tested that will force an automobile engine going faster than the speed limit to automatically slow down. (via)

Tags: Cars Safety Study.

PEP005 Topical.

Gel in clinical trials that has successfully removed basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. (via)

Tags: Cancer Medicine Study.

Precision Implantable Stimulator for Migraine.

Neurostimulation device designed to help migraine sufferers implanted into first patient.

Tags: Milestones Study Wellness.


Humanoid robot that is embedded with young school children to study how humans bond emotionally with machines.

Tags: Kids Relationships Robots Study.

Divine Strake.

U.S. to create a 700-ton explosion that will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas.

Tags: Bombs Study.

Hyperthymestic syndrome.

Condition that a woman in California has in which she remembers almost every detail of her life.

Tags: Brain People Study.


Test aircraft that will study rotors, or turbulent whirlwinds produced by airflows over steep mountains.

Tags: Airplanes Prevention Research Study.

Ancylostoma duodenale.

British scientists voluntarily infect themselves with worms to test their curing effects on allergies. (via)

Tags: Health Research Study.

Short wavelength light.

Researchers find that exposure to blue light improves alertness and reduces fatigue .

Tags: Discovery Light Research Sleep Study.


NASA planning to drop a quarter-ton impactor ball on Mars to study the ejecta that it blasts.

Tags: Astronomy Research Science Space Study.

Spacecraft skin.

Composite material being tested for spacecraft that can heal itself like human skin.

Tags: Materials Space Study Technology.

Imogine lateotentare.

Newly discovered species of predator flatworms that squirt digestive juices into their prey and suck their flesh out.

Tags: Bizarre Deadly Discovery Study.

Caenorhabditis elegans.

Worms that were experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia were recovered alive from the wreckage. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Research Space Study Survival.

Drosophila melanogangsters.

Harvard research program dubbed Fruit Fly Fight Club pits fruit flies fighting against one another, with video. (via)

Tags: Bugs Education Research Study Video.

Body farm.

Iowa professor proposes outdoor body farm to advance the science of forensics studies.

Tags: Death People Research Study.


Japanese machine to dig to the center of the Earth. (via)

Tags: Challenge Earthquake Milestones Research Study.

Now boarding everyone.

Unassigned seating gets passengers on planes faster. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Information Research Study Travel.

Sound psychology.

Web site that is hunting for the worst sound in the world. (via)

Tags: Annoying Culture Fear Research Sound Study User Web World.

Anti-freezing fleas.

Canadian snow fleas found to contain proteins that lower the freezing point of liquids.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Research Science Study.

Predator, once removed.

Scientists have discovered a spider that specifically craves human blood originally harvested by female mosquitoes. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Hunting Milestones Research Study.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

Counting water.

Amazon River flooding, which causes South America to sink several inches because of the extra weight, may one day help calculate the total amount of water on Earth.

Tags: Discovery Learning Math Research Study Water.

One potato to rule them all.

Scientists have discovered that all modern varieties of potatoes can be traced back to a single spud grown in Peru over 7,000 years ago.

Tags: Discovery Food Research Science Study.

Rat racers.

Remote-controlled rats with electrodes implanted in their brains can sniff for bombs or crawl through debris and look for people in search-and-rescue missions. (via)

Tags: Animals Brain Ideas Rescue Research Smell Study Technology.

Weapons of membrane destruction.

Compounds secreted by frog skin appear to selectively kill the HIV virus. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Disease Research Study.

Dark matter.

Astronomers have found invisible matter that dominates the cosmos.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Matter Milestones Research Science Space Study.


British university is offering a degree in searching for extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.

Tags: Change Education Learning Milestones Research Study UFO Unexplained.

Powers of suggestion.

Oxford University research team has found that labelling an unpleasant smell with a more appealing name can improve its aroma. (via)

Tags: Language Research Smell Study.


Left-handed women are more likely to get breast cancer. (via)

Tags: Disease Health Hers Lefthanded Research Study.

Project Stormfury.

Insight into a failed federal government research program aimed at weakening hurricanes through cloud seeding.

Tags: Natural Disasters Research Science Study.


Researchers have combined nano-sized carbon tubes with DNA to form molecule-detecting sensors powerful enough to be ‘akin to finding a single person in Times Square on New Years’ Eve’. (via)

Tags: Nanotechnology Research Science Study.

Hot Eagle.

The Air Force and DARPA are studying options for a reusable space vehicle that could place a squad of Marines halfway across the globe within 2 hours. (via)

Tags: Soldiers Space Special Ops Study Travel War.

Functional psychopaths.

American scientists have found that emotionally impaired people may make good financial decisions.

Tags: Money People Personality Research Study.

Brain matter.

Researchers have identified where fear and pain become permanently etched in the brain. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fear Physiology Research Study.

Going up.

FAA allows a business the use of airspace to test their space elevator.

Tags: Business Ideas Nanotechnology Research Space Study Technology.

Electromagnetically induced transparency.

Researchers in Australia have stopped light for more than one second. UPDATE: This optical technique has also allowed them to peer through solid objects.

Tags: Laser Physics Research Science Study.


Two Italian SCUBA divers will live underwater for ten days.

Tags: People Research Science Study Water.


Sodium nitrite, a preservative commonly used in hot dogs, is being studied as a possible treatment for ‘sickle cell anemia, heart attacks, brain aneurysms, even an illness that suffocates babies‘. (via)

Tags: Discovery Disease Food Health Research Study.

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