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Triple talaq.

Muslim couple forced to separate after the husband dreams of divorce.

Tags: Divorce Religion Sleep Spouse.

Mutational deterministic hypothesis.

Sex has evolved as a population cleansing mechanism by concentrating harmful gene mutations into individuals that will eventually be thinned from the herd. (via)

Tags: Evolution Genes Preservation Sex Spouse Survival.

Shotgun divorce.

Turkish man runs off with neighbor’s wife and offers his own wife in exchange.

Tags: Divorce People Relationships Spouse.

Alibi Network.

Service that helps cover a cheater’s tracks. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Deception Propaganda Relationships Spouse.


Chinese man has 1.5 million descendants. (via)

Tags: Family Kids Nationality People Sex Spouse.

Busy body.

Bosnian man that has married 162 times wants to marry another 100 before he dies.

Tags: Guinness Milestones People Relationships Spouse Weddings.

War of the Roses.

Man sinks his yacht so that his ex-wife can’t sell it. (via)

Tags: Divorce People Prevention Relationships Sailing Spouse.


Married couples in Colombia can get divorced in less than an hour for only $20.

Tags: Culture Divorce Fast Relationships Spouse.


Guys: ‘A personal assistant that keeps your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis‘. (via)

Tags: Culture Happiness His Relationships Resources Spouse Web.

First-level wizard.

Woman in Tokyo complains to police after the hitman she hired fails to get the job done. (via)

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Mistakes Murder People Spouse Woopsie.

Feminist Initiative.

Swedish political party says it will abolish marriage if it gets into power. (via)

Tags: Hers People Politics Propaganda Spouse Weddings.


Rollercoaster gets woman pregnant.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Kids Spouse Theme parks.

Damn milkman.

One in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child he believes to be his.

Tags: Accident Deception Discovery Family Hers His Kids Mistakes Research Sex Spouse.

Friends and husbands.

Straight guys in Canada tying the knot to reduce tax liability. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Culture Ideas Money People Spouse Taxes Weddings.

Honey, I forgot you.

Man forgets, leaves wife at gas station for six hours.

Tags: Cars Family Mistakes People Spouse Travel Woopsie.

Love in the first degree.

Man pleads guilty to murder, marries bride in same courtroom.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Legal Murder Prison Spouse Weddings.

Slow down cowboy.

Ethiopian man with 77 children to give family planning advice.

Tags: Family Kids People Sex Spouse Survival.


Make a wedding ring from your own bones. (via)

Tags: Hers His Ideas Make Products Spouse Weddings.

Bye now.

Man tunnels out of trailer surrounded by police, escapes.

Tags: Crime Embarrassing Escape Spouse.


The man who just couldn’t say no to love. (via)

Tags: Bogus Busted Caught Crime Deception Discovery Legal Spouse Weddings.

Blue after the ball.

Man separated from new bride immediately after reception due to a minor technicality.

Tags: Bizarre Caught Crime Embarrassing Legal Mistakes Spouse Weddings Woopsie.

Up all night.

Woman has to rough-up her husband to get him to stop snoring.

Tags: Crime Sleep Spouse.

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