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Tracking system that uses radio-frequency technology allows you to locate lost golf balls. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Golf Products Technology.

Golf-Ball Finding Glasses.

Lenses that block out dark colors and allow white to pass through making golf balls easy to locate. (via)

Tags: Golf Products Vision.


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station to drive a golf ball into space. (via)

Tags: Golf Record breakers Space.


Ancient paintings may prove that China invented golf.

Tags: Golf History.

NDMX golf ball.

Golf ball that can correct its flight path in the air gets approval for use by the U.S. Golf Association.

Tags: Golf Improvements Nanotechnology Organizations Products.

World’s greatest golf player at night.

Blind golfer hits a hole-in-one. (via)

Tags: Golf Milestones People.


Two golfers hit a hole-in-one on the same hole.

Tags: Bizarre Golf Milestones People Sports.


Man hits a hole-in-one on a mulligan ball and is refused the $10,000 hole prize award.

Tags: Contests Decline Golf Money People Prizes Protest Sports.


Man hits hole-in-one that sails over two time zones.

Tags: Bizarre Golf Milestones People Sports.

Mist it.

John Daly tries, and fails, to hit golf ball across Niagara Falls.

Tags: Celebrity Challenge Golf Ideas People Sports.

Each shall go out straight ahead.

Improve your golf game with balls inscribed with biblical quotes.

Tags: Golf Humor Religion Sports.

How DID it go in?

A site completely dedicated to uncovering the conspiracy of Tiger Woods’ amazing putt on 16 in the Master’s.

Tags: Golf People Sports.

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