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LZR Racer.

World’s fastest swimsuit.

Tags: Swimming Technology.

Free tacos.

Taco Bell to give a free taco to everyone in the US for each World Series home run that hits a left field target tonight.

Tags: Baseball Food Marketing Sports.


Seven-Eleven convenience store chain has purchased the rights to the starting time of Chicago White Sox baseball games.

Tags: Baseball Business Marketing Sports.

Hamburg SV.

German football club that is offering its fans the opportunity to be buried next to their stadium. (via)

Tags: Death Fans Graveyard Soccer Sports.


Tracking system that uses radio-frequency technology allows you to locate lost golf balls. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Golf Products Technology.

Dianetics Racing Team.

Church of Scientology to start a NASCAR racing team.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy NASCAR Propaganda Religion.

Global Gaming League.

Media company that is in talks with Chinese government about getting video games into the 2008 Olympics as a demo sport. (via)

Tags: Business Olympics Sports Video Games.

Golf-Ball Finding Glasses.

Lenses that block out dark colors and allow white to pass through making golf balls easy to locate. (via)

Tags: Golf Products Vision.

Section L of Chapter 265 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Texas law that has abolished high diving boards from swimming pools. (via)

Tags: Culture Legal Prevention Safety Swimming.


Irish city in danger of losing its city status due to a census that will take place on the day that most residents will be attending an away rugby game.

Tags: Numbers People Sports.

Severn Bore.

British surfer breaks world record by riding a wave for seven miles. (via)

Tags: Guinness People Record breakers Sports.


Sport of running and juggling at the same time. (via)

Tags: Fitness Sports.


Sport where you roll downhill in a giant plastic ball.

Tags: Crazes Sports.

Baseball’s Best Burger.

Baseball stadium to offer double bacon cheeseburger served between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. (via)

Tags: Bacon Baseball Entertainment Food.


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station to drive a golf ball into space. (via)

Tags: Golf Record breakers Space.

Mayan Long Count.

Former major leaguer says that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

Tags: Armageddon Baseball Bizarre Celebrity People.


Ancient paintings may prove that China invented golf.

Tags: Golf History.

NDMX golf ball.

Golf ball that can correct its flight path in the air gets approval for use by the U.S. Golf Association.

Tags: Golf Improvements Nanotechnology Organizations Products.

Super Bowl Monday.

Web site that is petitioning to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. (via)

Tags: Football Holidays Sports.

We are go, Las Cruces.

Rocket Racing League to make world headquarters in New Mexico.

Tags: Business Research Space Sports.

Ski Dubai.

Indoor ski resort located in the Middle East. (via)

Tags: Indoor Ski Sports.

Herculean effort.

Olympic torch is too heavy for atheletes to carry. (via)

Tags: Design Games Irony Sports World.

World’s greatest golf player at night.

Blind golfer hits a hole-in-one. (via)

Tags: Golf Milestones People.


One of the hottest new sports around: peanut balancing. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Food Sports.

Old school.

52 year-old man makes college basketball team.

Tags: Basketball Education People Sports.

Be like Larry.

Prisoner gets additional years added on to his time so that his overall sentence matches Larry Bird’s jersey.

Tags: Basketball Bizarre Celebrity Ego People Punishment Sports.


Florida high school football team voluntarily forfeits the rest of season after being outscored 299-0 in the first six games. (via)

Tags: Education Embarrassing Football Sports.


Two golfers hit a hole-in-one on the same hole.

Tags: Bizarre Golf Milestones People Sports.


Tennis polo is a combination of soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and tennis, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. (via)

Tags: Crazes Ideas Sports.

Bogus Air.

Airliner fakes emergency so that passengers can watch a soccer game.

Tags: Bogus Deception Emergency Sports Travel.


Man hits a hole-in-one on a mulligan ball and is refused the $10,000 hole prize award.

Tags: Contests Decline Golf Money People Prizes Protest Sports.

Old Orleans.

Louisiana Superdome will have to be torn down due to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. (via)

Tags: Football History Natural Disasters Sports.

Making a splash.

The sport of ‘dive-bombingholds its world championships in Germany.

Tags: Contests Sports Water.

Don’t milk them. Race them.

Cow racing: A fine, bovine tradition. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Ideas Redneck Sports.


Dog learns kick-boxing.

Tags: Animals Kickboxing Learning Pets Sports.


If you loved the now-defunct ESPN NFL 2K5 video game, you can now upload the 2006 team rosters for both PS2 and XBox! (via)

Tags: Football Preservation Resources Sports Video Games.

Slam dunked.

Mascot Hall of Fame inaugurates its first class, which does not include Mickey Mouse or Ronald McDonald. (via)

Tags: Baseball Basketball Cartoons Celebrity Culture Entertainment Food Mascots Milestones Sports Theme parks.


Man hits hole-in-one that sails over two time zones.

Tags: Bizarre Golf Milestones People Sports.

Don’t quit your day job.

Shot putter who missed world qualifier due to flight mix-up instead enters javelin qualifier and loses big time.

Tags: Challenge Contests Embarrassing Games Humor Mistakes People Sports Woopsie.


Indian mascots not allowed to attend the Big Dance.

Tags: Basketball Contests Culture Games Language Politics Prevention Sports.

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