Category: Special Ops

Nano air vehicle.

Unmanned spy plane to be developed that will be the size of a maple seed.

Tags: Aircraft Black ops Defense contracts Recon Special Ops Technology.

Stealth radar system.

Radar that generates signal across a variety of frequencies which can be tuned to see through solid walls. (via)

Tags: Law enforcement Radar Search and Rescue Special Ops Technology.

Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems.

DARPA is seeking a contractor to build robot insects that can be remote-controlled.

Tags: Bugs Robots Special Ops.

Stealth spies.

DARPA project seeks to outfit sharks with neural implants and use them as remote-controlled spies on the open water. (via)

Tags: Research Sharks Special Ops.

Good trade.

In exchange for early prison release, Pope John Paul‘s would-be assassin offered go to Afghanistan, infiltrate al-Qaeda and capture Osama bin Laden. (via)

Tags: Celebrity People Prison Special Ops.

Navy seals.

Armed dolphins, trained by the US Navy to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Soldiers Special Ops Weapons.

Hot Eagle.

The Air Force and DARPA are studying options for a reusable space vehicle that could place a squad of Marines halfway across the globe within 2 hours. (via)

Tags: Soldiers Space Special Ops Study Travel War.

Bat rope.

British scientists have invented a high-speed rope that allows climbing of high buildings or cliffs at more than 10 feet a second. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Resources Soldiers Special Ops Technology.

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