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un-Quantal vowels.

Anthropologist reconstructs Neanderthal vocal tracts and simulates the sound of their voice.

Tags: Neanderthal Sound.

Au clair de la lune.

Recording of the earliest known sound is now online.

Tags: History Milestones Online Sound.

Vegetation echoes.

Researchers use sound waves to identify different plant species by their unique echoes. (via)

Tags: Plants Sound.

Photoacoustic detection.

Technique that allows scientists to detect skin cancer by hearing it.

Tags: Cancer Laser Research Sound.

Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.


Mathematicians create a triple-necked guitar that operates on the principles of Pythagoras and produces non-harmonic sounds.

Tags: 11 Guitar Math Music Sound.

High-resolution time-frequency analysis.

Mathematicians create an algorithm that is able to process sound frequencies on par with the human brain. (via)

Tags: Analysis Brain Math Sound.


Researchers have created a type of laser that uses sound instead of light. (via)

Tags: Laser Light Mechanics Science Sound Technology.


Technology used to recreate what Mona Lisa’s voice sounded like. (via)

Tags: Art Celebrity People Sound Technology.


Emerging phenomonen of hearing a cell phone ring that isn’t there. (via)

Tags: Phenomena Phone Sound.


Gunshot-locator system uses microphones attached to buildings to pinpoint where shootings have occured. (via)

Tags: Crime Sound Technology Weapons.

Subvocal speech recognition.

Technology that detects electric speech currents sent from the brain and turns these unspoken words into text. (via)

Tags: Future Language Sound Technology.

Sonic Detection and Ranging.

Meteorological technique that measures sound waves to predict earthquakes.

Tags: Earthquake Measure Natural Disasters Sound.

Amolops tormotus.

Frog discovered that can communicate in ultrasonic frequencies.

Tags: Animals Discovery Sound.


Ring that massages a pressure point in the pinky on the left hand and helps stop snoring. (via)

Tags: Happiness Products Sleep Sound.

Sonic Teenager Deterrent.

Device that deters teens from loitering by emitting noises which only young ears can detect.

Tags: Annoying Gadgets Prevention Sound.

Dragon storm.

Cassini has picked up the sound of a lightning storm on Saturn that is 2,175 miles wide.

Tags: Sound Space Weather.

Hearing aid.

Man’s deafness is cured after riding a ski lift. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Sound Unexplained.


Researchers have used oscillating sound waves to produce a shock wave that can induce nuclear fusion. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Energy Engineering Science Sound.

Final note.

Scientists discover that dying stars emit a middle C range sound which ultimately causes them to explode.

Tags: Astronomy Death Discovery Sound.

Sound psychology.

Web site that is hunting for the worst sound in the world. (via)

Tags: Annoying Culture Fear Research Sound Study User Web World.

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