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Scientists have synthetically reproduced the fruit compound responsible for the natural smell of green apples.

Tags: Bioengineering Biofermentation Fruit Genes Research Smell Synthetics.

Eau de human.

Researchers have patented chemicals in a human odor that act as a natural mosquito repellent. (via)

Tags: Discovery Patent Smell.

Otoko Kaoru.

Chewing gum that causes a rose fragrance to emit from the body. (via)

Tags: Chewing gum Products Smell.

Unique Signature Detection Project.

DARPA-funded project that aims to develop technology for soldiers to identify high-level-of-interest persons by chemosignals emanating from body scent. (via)

Tags: Future Military Project Research Smell Soldiers Technology War.


Lithuanian pizza chain wants to trademark the scent of pizza.

Tags: Bizarre Food Smell.

Kaori Tsushin.

Scent transmission to be added to the movie theatre experience.

Tags: Business Ideas Movies Smell.

Le Pomme D’Amour.

Tomato cologne. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Products Smell.

Scent bank.

China is storing human body odors to help police dogs track down criminals.

Tags: Animals Crime Smell.

Electronic olfactory system.

Scientists are developing a smelling device that would detect diseases from human breath.

Tags: Disease Gadgets HIV Smell Virus.


Gourmet scented pencils. (via)

Tags: Products Smell.

Scent on a stick.

Corn dog air freshener. (via)

Tags: Food Products Smell.

Waffle gas.

Manhattan smells like syrup again.

Tags: Bizarre Condiments Followup Smell Unexplained.


Maple syrup smell envelopes New York City.

Tags: Smell Unexplained.

Rat racers.

Remote-controlled rats with electrodes implanted in their brains can sniff for bombs or crawl through debris and look for people in search-and-rescue missions. (via)

Tags: Animals Brain Ideas Rescue Research Smell Study Technology.

Ooooh that smell.

DC officials unable to identify the source of the mysterious stench that smelled up the Northeast side of town ‘like skunk, rotten eggs and sulfur’ combined. (via)

Tags: Gas Smell Unexplained.

New car high.

Warning: ‘New car smellis produced by harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds. (via)

Tags: Cars Culture Discovery Health Smell.

Powers of suggestion.

Oxford University research team has found that labelling an unpleasant smell with a more appealing name can improve its aroma. (via)

Tags: Language Research Smell Study.

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