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Circadian rhythm.

Nighttime exposure to artificial light disrupts melatonin levels in the body which may stimulate the growth of breast tumors. (via)

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Wristwatch that monitors body signals during sleep and wakes you when you’re most alert. (via)

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Triple talaq.

Muslim couple forced to separate after the husband dreams of divorce.

Tags: Divorce Religion Sleep Spouse.


Ring that massages a pressure point in the pinky on the left hand and helps stop snoring. (via)

Tags: Happiness Products Sleep Sound.

Prolonged insomnia.

Vietnamese man has not slept since 1973. (via)

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Drug that increases dreaming during sleep with a side effect of weight loss. (via)

Tags: Diet Drugs Happiness Health Sleep Weight loss.


Sleeping grass: ‘personalized nap landscape‘. (via)

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Short wavelength light.

Researchers find that exposure to blue light improves alertness and reduces fatigue .

Tags: Discovery Light Research Sleep Study.

Quantum Sleeper.

Bulletproof bed that protects you from terrorist attacks, stalkers, and natural disasters. (via)

Tags: Armageddon Products Security Sleep.

Sleep ain’t cheap.

Nap for 70 cents a minute at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Tags: Business Ideas Sleep.

Up all night.

Woman has to rough-up her husband to get him to stop snoring.

Tags: Crime Sleep Spouse.

Learning to fly.

Sleepwalking man lucky to be alive after walking off of his roof.

Tags: Lucky Sleep Survival.

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