Category: Sharks

U.S. v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins.

Asset forfeiture involving 32 tons of shark fins. (via)

Tags: Legal Names Sharks.

Mustelus hacat.

Student discovers a new species of shark.

Tags: Discovery Sharks.

Stealth spies.

DARPA project seeks to outfit sharks with neural implants and use them as remote-controlled spies on the open water. (via)

Tags: Research Sharks Special Ops.

Neural crest cells.

Electrosensory system that allows sharks to navigate evolved into the sensory system that enables humans to balance.

Tags: Animals Discovery Evolution People Prehistoric Sharks.

Rhincodon typus.

Whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, are shrinking. (via)

Tags: Fish Research Sharks Weight loss.


The 10 animals you don’t want to meet up close and personal. (via)

Tags: Animals Deadly Fear Sharks Survival.


Electric current showing promise as a shark deterrent.

Tags: Ideas Prevention Security Sharks Technology.

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