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No gravity needed.

Astronaut makes a boomerang work in outer space.

Tags: Astronaut ISS Physics Space.

You Make It, We Play It.

Advertisement contest that will broadcast the winning entry into outer space.

Tags: Contests Marketing Milestones Space.

US 193.

US Department of Defense is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite.

Tags: Military Space.

Federal Space Agency.

Russian space agency that claims it can protect the world from asteroids by creating a missle which will destroy them. (via)

Tags: Asteroid Asteroids Meteor Missles Protection Space Weapons.

Higgs boson.

Researchers are trying to create a baby universe that will evaporate out of a wormhole. (via)

Tags: Physics Space Space-time Theory Universe.

Reservoir-triggered earthquakes.

Scientists have reportedly predicted an earthquake. (via)

Tags: Earthquakes Milestones Natural Disasters Prediction Science.

Lyman alpha blobs.

Astronomers discover a massive object containing galaxies and gas bubbles that is 200 million light-years wide.

Tags: Astronomy Big Bang Discovery Gas Space Universe.


Recoverable satellite that will expose plant seeds to cosmic radiation for two weeks to help improve crop yields. (via)

Tags: Agriculture Cosmic ratiation Micro gravity Plants Satellite Space.

Plasma magnet.

Device that will create a plasma cloud around spacecraft and shield astronauts from cosmic rays.

Tags: Future Research Space Technology Travel.

Oxygen Generation System.

System that uses astronaut urine to generate breathable oxygen.

Tags: ISS Oxygen Space Waste Water.

New Worlds Observer.

Space shield that will shade orbiting telescopes from star light allowing astronomers to look for Earth-like planets.

Tags: Astronomy Design Light Space Starshade Telescope.

Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys.

Astronomers discover a possible Jupiter-size planet orbiting the Beta Pictoris. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Hubble Planets Space Stars Telescope.


Laser interferometer that can detect gravitational waves caused by the motions of matter that have rippled across space-time since the Big Bang. (via)

Tags: Big Bang Gravity Matter Relativity Space Technology Time.

2004 XP14.

Asteroid at least a half-mile in diameter will fly past Earth on July 3. (via)

Tags: Asteroid Astronomy Space.

Nix and Hydra.

Twin moons of Pluto formerly known as S/2005 P 1 and S/2005 P 2 are given formal names. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Language Space.

David’s stone.

Researchers have proposed the idea of capturing an asteroid and engineering it to take out any Earth-bound threats. (via)

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Engineering Protection Space.

Abell 3266.

Gas ball of fire discovered in a distant galaxy cluster that is five thousand million times the size of our solar system. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Comet Discovery Space.


Researchers have created a type of laser that uses sound instead of light. (via)

Tags: Laser Light Mechanics Science Sound Technology.

Northern Lights.

Virgin Galactic plans to operate tourists flights into the Aurora Borealis.

Tags: Business Space Tourism Travel.

Details, details.

International Astronomical Union to vote this September for a definition of the word planet.

Tags: Definitions Language Space.

Plasma clouds.

Scientists have created ball-lightning in the lab. (via)

Tags: Lab Lightning Phenomena Science.

XMMXCS 2215-1734.

Galaxy cluster discovered 10 billion light-years from Earth that weighs 500 trillion times the mass of the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Earth Massive Space Sun.


Handheld device that uses GPS technology to identify what celestial body you are pointing at. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Gadgets Products Space Technology.


Floating robots that maneuver around the International Space Station using compressed CO2 thrusters. (via)

Tags: Future ISS Robots Space Technology.

Randall-Sundrum braneworld model.

Theory of gravity that holds that the visible universe is a membrane embedded within a larger universe. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Space Theories.


Idea that future Moon missions would be well-supplied with water resources by dumping payloads of ice on the moon now.

Tags: Future Ideas Moon Resources Space Water.

Launch Ring.

Circular accelerator acting like a magnetic sling shot that will launch payloads into space.

Tags: Physics Research Space Technology.

Big Bounce.

Researchers combine quantum physics with general relativity and detect a pre-Big Bang universe. (via)

Tags: Math Science Space Theories.

Magnetotactic bacteria.

High school student uses bacteria to produce an electric current for his science fair project.

Tags: Bacteria Electricity Science.

Exchange reaction.

Neptune probably captured its moon Triton from an orbit around the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Moon Space.

Vacuum pyrolysis.

Vaporizing technique that would allow astronauts to extract oxygen from lunar rocks. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Moon Research Space.

Flexible solar panel technology.

Scientist has created a solar-electric membrane designed to act like a flying carpet and carry a payload into space. (via)

Tags: Energy Propulsion Space Sun Technology Travel.

CanSats To Space.

Program that lets you send “soda can” sized payloads into space and back for $99. (via)

Tags: Business Crazes Space.

Robot-moon project.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plans to colonize the moon with an army of robots. (via)

Tags: Moon Robots Space Technology.


Inflatable hotel to be launched into space this year.

Tags: Business Hotel Space.

Lobster All-Sky X-ray Monitor.

Telescope designed to view 180° at once can take a picture of the entire sky in 90 minutes.

Tags: Astronomy Design Space Technology.

E ring.

Scientists discover a blue ring around Uranus.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space.

Compass 2.

Russian satellite designed to forecast earthquakes from outer space. (via)

Tags: Earthquake Space.


Company that operates weightless flights to begin offering them to the general public.

Tags: Airplanes Business Entertainment Space.

Sea Launch.

Satellite will be launched this month from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. (via)

Tags: Space Water.

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