Category: Sailing

Jian Seng.

Ghost ship found drifting off the coast of Australia. (via)

Tags: Discovery Sailing Unexplained.

Land ho!

Construction workers uncover the remains of a Spanish ship on land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Sailing.

Ararat anomaly.

Man who has been searching for Noah’s Ark for 13 years may be close to finding it. (via)

Tags: Celebrity History People Religion Sailing.

Lost land of Punt.

Archaeologists uncover remains of ancient Egyptian ship including cargo destined for a fabled Red Sea trading center.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Sailing.

Break ’em off some.

New Zealand man wants your liposuctioned fat to power his sailboat around the earth. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Ego People Sailing Too much free time Weight loss.

Yo ho ho.

Cruise liner attacked by pirates.

Tags: Fear Sailing War.

Against the grain.

Woman to try and break record for sailing around the world against the wind.

Tags: Challenge Ego Guinness People Record breakers Sailing Too much free time.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

His bad.

God officially blamed for a 2003 ferry disaster. (via)

Tags: Accident Bizarre Deadly Death Insurance Legal Natural Disasters Politics Sailing Travel Unexplained.

Slow poke.

British man sets the record for the slowest crossing of the Atlantic ever.

Tags: Ego Guinness Irony People Record breakers Sailing Water.

War of the Roses.

Man sinks his yacht so that his ex-wife can’t sell it. (via)

Tags: Divorce People Prevention Relationships Sailing Spouse.

Ghost ship.

Boat runs aground in Massachusetts with no crew on board. (via)

Tags: Discovery Sailing Unexplained.

Blow your boat.

Woman to sail across English Channel in boat powered by her breath. (via)

Tags: Challenge People Sailing.

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