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Man describes his sexual relationships with robots.

Tags: Relationships Robots Sex.


Robot that will be assembled by astronauts aboard the ISS. (via)

Tags: ISS Robots Space program.

Vecna BEAR robot.

Robot that will extract wounded troops from the battlefield. (via)

Tags: Robots Soldiers Survival Technology War.

Health and Food Advice Robot.

Company has developed a robot that tastes wine and can differentiate between 30 different varieties of grapes.

Tags: Alcohol Robots Technology Wine.


Robotic arm that uses x-rays to precisely deliver radiation to tumors and avoid surrounding healthy tissues.

Tags: Cancer Chemotherapy Robots Treatment Tumors.

Embedded and Communicating Agents.

Technology that allows robots to evolve their own language and communicate with other robots. (via)

Tags: Communication Future Robots Technology.


Researchers have created a smart paper that bends in the presence of an electric field.

Tags: Airplanes Materials Research Robots Surveillance.


Software has been created that teaches the Roomba cleaning robot to act like a pet. (via)

Tags: Behavior Pets Robots Software.


Project that designs robots bio-inspired by the locomotion of lower animal forms has developed a paddle worm robot that can navigate through the gut of a pig.

Tags: Animals Bugs Design Locomotion Research Robots.


Interactive program that allows sick or suspended children a telepresence in the classroom by synching a robot at home with a robot in the classroom.

Tags: Education Kids Program Robots.


Floating robots that maneuver around the International Space Station using compressed CO2 thrusters. (via)

Tags: Future ISS Robots Space Technology.

Brain Machine Interface.

Technology has been developed that allows humans to control robots with their brains. (via)

Tags: Brain Future Robots Technology.


Research project that plans to evolve randomly-generated software beings capable of developing their own society. (via)

Tags: Future Research Robots Technology.


Matchbox-sized robot laced with pheromones that can influence the collective behavior of cockroaches. (via)

Tags: Bugs Research Robots.


Android designed with a silicon skin that can express facial emotion. (via)

Tags: Robots Technology.


Robot modelled on the torso of a two-year old child is helping researchers to understand the development of human perception. (via)

Tags: Kids Perception Research Robots.


Unmanned ground combat vehicle. (via)

Tags: Robots Technology War.


Humanoid robot that is embedded with young school children to study how humans bond emotionally with machines.

Tags: Kids Relationships Robots Study.

Robot-moon project.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plans to colonize the moon with an army of robots. (via)

Tags: Moon Robots Space Technology.


Researchers have created the fastest walking robot on two legs. (via)

Tags: Record breakers Robots.

Shorted fuel-cell muscle.

Nanotechnologists have created artificial muscles to be used to give robots strength. (via)

Tags: Nanotechnology Robots.

Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems.

DARPA is seeking a contractor to build robot insects that can be remote-controlled.

Tags: Bugs Robots Special Ops.


Robot that walks and can climb trees.

Tags: Robots Technology.

Number Five is alive.

Futuristic robot disappears during cross-country trip and hasn’t been seen since. (via)

Tags: Robots Technology Unexplained.

Physarum polycephalum.

Yellow mold is being used to control a robot. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Plants Research Robots.


Deep sea robot photographs Greek shipwreck from 350 B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Photos Robots Water.

Abdominal bot gastric rover.

Joystick controlled robot that is used to explore the abdominal cavity during surgery. (via)

Tags: Robots Surgery Technology.

Hello Kitty Robo.

Japanese employment agency is offering employers robot receptionists.

Tags: Jobs Robots Workplace.

Domo arigato.

Japanese robotic hand translates spoken words into sign language. (via)

Tags: Language Robots.


Robot that washes your floor. (via)

Tags: Products Robots.


Japanese roaches have been surgically implanted with ‘micro-robotic backpacks’ that control their movements. (via)

Tags: Bugs Robots Technology.

Modular robots.

Italy to send robots to the moon to build a telescope. (via)

Tags: Nationality Robots Space.

Darwin VII.

Scientists have built a robot with brain cells. (via)

Tags: Brain Build Robots.

Tomb raider.

Robot will be used to explore narrow shafts in the Great Pyramid to find hidden crypts.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Resources Robots.

Murata Boy.

Japanese company has created a robot that can ride a bike.

Tags: Build Design Make Research Robots Technology.


Computers will be able to out-think the entire world population put together within the next 60 years.” (via)

Tags: Gadgets Learning People Phone Robots Technology World.


Artificial skin has been developed to give robots ‘a humanlike sense of touch. (via)

Tags: Make Robots Technology.

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