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Idea that future Moon missions would be well-supplied with water resources by dumping payloads of ice on the moon now.

Tags: Future Ideas Moon Resources Space Water.

Methane hydrates.

Scientists discover frozen methane gas deposits on ocean floor.

Tags: Discovery Energy Gas Resources.


Russia is planning to build a mine on the moon to harvest helium-3.

Tags: Build Business Energy Resources Space.

Trace Archive.

Genetic database that stores DNA sequences records its billionth entry. (via)

Tags: DNA Milestones Research Resources Science Search Web.

Leftovers to Lights.

California utility considering using food waste from restaurants to produce methane gas. (via)

Tags: Energy Gas Ideas Recycling Resources Waste.


Free website for learning the Esperanto language. (via)

Tags: Language Learning Resources Web.

Million solar roofs.

California to initiate aggressive solar energy plan.

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Politics Pollution Resources.

Cooking by numbers.

Website that generates recipes for the food you have in your fridge and cupboards.

Tags: Cooking Food Resources Web.

Undersea mining.

Mining companies consider prospecting for gold and silver on the ocean floor.

Tags: Business Ideas Precious metals Resources Water.

Non-renewable resource.

Kuwait’s largest oil field is beginning to run dry. (via)

Tags: Decline Discovery Energy Gas Resources.

Wave farm.

Ocean waves are being tapped as a resource for renewable energy. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Resources Water.

Traffic Vizzion.

Service lets you monitor traffic cameras from your cell phone. (via)

Tags: Phone Resources Technology Video.

Encyclopedia Brown.

Boy uses his spit and the Internet to track down biological father. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Family People Resources Search Web.

Aluminum oxynitride.

US Military is developing see-through aluminum armor. (via)

Tags: Materials Resources Soldiers Synthetics War.

Search: “aliens”.

Google partnering with NASA to help search for alien life. (via)

Tags: Google Research Resources Space UFO.

Tomb raider.

Robot will be used to explore narrow shafts in the Great Pyramid to find hidden crypts.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Resources Robots.

The Lord’s name in vain.

Young boy to teacher: Why did Mary and Joseph name their baby after a swear word? (via)

Tags: Humor Kids Language Learning Organizations Religion Resources.

Buddy system.

RentmyDVR.com: Hire someone to digitally record your favorite TV show for you to download. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies Resources Technology TV Video Web.


Search engine that finds upcoming Halloween events in your area. (via)

Tags: Costumes Google Holidays Parody Resources Search Web.

Sorry, gotta go.

A Web site that plays sounds to help you get off the phone faster with someone you don’t want to talk with. (via)

Tags: Annoying Deception Phone Rescue Resources Web.


Investigator exposes a made-up word in the New Oxford English Dictionary. (via)

Tags: Bogus Books Humor Information Publishing Resources.

Recognizing phonies.

To combat a growing scamming problem, the city of Shanghai has created an illustrated guide on how to tell real beggars from from fake ones. (via)

Tags: Beggars Bogus Money Resources.

Maim that tune.

Counteract the tune that you have stuck in your head with an even catchier tune using the Maimograph Machine. (via)

Tags: Brain Culture Humor Music Resources Web.


Guys: ‘A personal assistant that keeps your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis‘. (via)

Tags: Culture Happiness His Relationships Resources Spouse Web.

World Wide Wiki.

Some insights into Wikipedia, ‘the most detailed collection of information in history’. (via)

Tags: Culture Geek History Ideas Information Learning Resources RSS Search Technology Web World.

Bat rope.

British scientists have invented a high-speed rope that allows climbing of high buildings or cliffs at more than 10 feet a second. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Resources Soldiers Special Ops Technology.


Web startup aims to be ‘the product lending library for the world’. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Ideas Marketing Products Resources Web World.

Rock beats fire.

Rock Paper Scissors” matrix with twelve additional gestures. (via)

Tags: Culture Games Resources.


Translate Internet slang and IM acronyms into readable text with the Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator. (via)

Tags: Language Resources Web.


The portable and continually-growing database of major companies and how to bypass their automated answering to get a real person on the phone. (via)

Tags: Culture Phone Resources Web.

Renewable resource.

Scientists in Singapore have developed a battery powered by urine. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Discovery Ideas Resources Science Technology.

9 types.

The World’s Shortest Personality Test. (via)

Tags: Ego Resources.

M.S. Interactive Entertainment.

University of Central Florida starts video game graduate school program. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Education Resources Video Games.

Bullet with butterfly wings.

Army develops coloring book to teach kids living living on military base the dangers of ammunition they may find.

Tags: Bullets Education Ideas Kids Learning Prevention Resources Weapons.

Paper hat.

How to make a paper hat. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Resources.


A Flash application which makes organizational booklets that fit right in your pocket. (via)

Tags: Make Resources Web.

Model for quitting.

Fill-in-the-blank letter of resignation generator. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Jobs Resources Workplace.

“Google quiz”.

Test your knowledge of searching Google. (via)

Tags: Challenge Geek Google How-to Learning Resources Search Web.

Time is relative.

Find out your age and your birthday on all the planets in our solar system. (via)

Tags: Resources Science Space.

Ticket Assassin.

California: Beat your speeding ticket(s) by mail with Ticket Assassin. (via)

Tags: Business Education Legal Resources Web.

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