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Osseographic score.

Researchers have developed a biological marker that can be used to predict a person’s lifespan.

Tags: Ageing Bones Research.

Texas Petawatt.

LASER was turned on Monday that is brighter than the surface of the sun.

Tags: Laser Milestones Research.


Researchers have designed a nanomachine that releases anticancer drugs directly into cancer cells.

Tags: Cancer Disease Medicine Milestones Nanostructures Nanotechnology Research.

TRPC5 calcium ion channels.

Researcher studying chloroform may have discovered how anesthesia actually works.

Tags: Medicine Pain Research.

Octodon degus.

Researchers train rodents to use tools.

Tags: Behavior Learning Research.

SATB1 gene.

Scientists identify gene that is responsible for causing breast cancer to metastasize.

Tags: Cancer Genes Research.

Facial expression signature.

Researchers find evidence that facial expressions may be hereditary.

Tags: Discovery Facial expressions Hereditary Research.

Photoacoustic detection.

Technique that allows scientists to detect skin cancer by hearing it.

Tags: Cancer Laser Research Sound.


Extract that tricks skin cells into protection from sun tans mice in the lab.

Tags: Research Skin Tanning.


Procedure that stops the progression of liver cancer by injecting patients with millions of glass beads. (via)

Tags: Cancer Research Technology.

Mycoplasma mobile.

Scientists build motor that is powered by living bacteria. (via)

Tags: Bacteria Locomotion Nanoscale Nanostructures Nanotechnology Power Research.

Cooling alpha emitters.

Astrophysicist is developing a process to make the half-life of radioactive waste decay in tens of years rather than thousands. (via)

Tags: Half-life Nuclear waste Radioactive waste Research Waste.

10 million bits per second.

Researchers calculate that the human retina transmits data at roughly the same speed as an Ethernet connection.

Tags: Bandwidth Data Eyes Measure Research.

Adipose-derived stem cells.

Researchers turn stem cells from human fat into smooth muscle cells.

Tags: Discovery Fat Muscle Research Stem cells.


Technique of using bubbles to block oxygen flow to tumors. (via)

Tags: Bubbles Cancer Disease Research Tumors.

Neanderthal genome project.

Research project that will sequence the DNA of neanderthal in an attempt to clarify their relationship with modern-day humans. (via)

Tags: DNA Evolution Humans Neanderthal Research.

Antascomicin B.

Nerve-regenerating molecule scarcely found in nature that researchers are trying to build from scratch. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Molecule Research Synthesis.

Bone morpheonetic proteins.

Protein that induces cells to morph into bone can regenerate tissue around teeth damaged by gum disease. (via)

Tags: Bone Dental Discovery Gum Disease Materials Research Teeth Tissue regeneration.

Nano lube.

Researchers discover that friction can be reduced at the nanoscale level by using vibration to discharge built up energy.

Tags: Discovery Energy Friction Nanoscale Nanotechnology Production Research.

Plasma magnet.

Device that will create a plasma cloud around spacecraft and shield astronauts from cosmic rays.

Tags: Future Research Space Technology Travel.


Scientists grow human stem cells inside of a mouse embryo. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Human genome Milestones Mouse Research Stem cells.

Rounded body with a near-gaussian distribution of curvatures.

Researchers discover the shape of a pebble and that it never changes as it erodes.

Tags: Discovery Distributions Math Research Rocks Shape.


Scientists are using modified silk fibers to encourage damaged nerve cells to regenerate. (via)

Tags: Materials Nerve cells Regeneration Research Technology.

Prosthetic retina.

Micro camera implanted into the eye that will restore vision for the blind. (via)

Tags: Blindness Eye Research Technology Vision.


Scientists have synthetically reproduced the fruit compound responsible for the natural smell of green apples.

Tags: Bioengineering Biofermentation Fruit Genes Research Smell Synthetics.


Experimental drug that targets disease-causing genes and destroys them. (via)

Tags: Disease Drugs Genes Research.

Intraosteous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis.

Technology that attaches metal with human bone will allow connections for artificial implants to protrude out of the skin. (via)

Tags: Artificial implants Research Technology.

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound.

Researchers have created a device that can regrow teeth. (via)

Tags: Regeneration Research Technology Teeth.

Cytokine interleukin-7.

Scientists inject mice with an immune system regulator and prevent them from gaining weight. (via)

Tags: Animals Research Weight loss.

Psychological neoteny.

Researchers find that more people are growing up and are never reaching mental adulthood.

Tags: Adulthood Maturity People Research Study.


Handheld device that shoots an electromagnetic pulse and stops migraine headaches from forming. (via)

Tags: Device Discovery Headaches Migraines Research Technology.


Scientists discover a protein that when disrupted triggers the onset of leukemia. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Disease Research.

Low-density amorphous ice.

Research on a form of water supports the idea that living cells could survive cryopreservation and be reanimated. (via)

Tags: Future Life Preservation Research Survival Water.

Selective laser nano-thermolysis.

Scientists use gold nanoparticles to selectively target and destroy leukemia cells in bone marrow. (via)

Tags: Cancer Disease Leukemia Nanotechnology Research Treatment.

Tissue-engineered grafts.

Scientists engineer skeletal tissue to be electrically conductive and beat like a heart. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Heart Pacemaker Research Tissue.

Circadian rhythm.

Nighttime exposure to artificial light disrupts melatonin levels in the body which may stimulate the growth of breast tumors. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Light Research Sleep Tumors.

Shewanella oneidensis MR-1.

Bacterium that protects metallic surfaces from corrosion by actually incorporating the metal into its metabolism.

Tags: Bacteria Corrosion Metals Protection Research.

Center for Grapevine Biotechnology.

Researchers are sequencing the genome of grapes to identify genes with characteristics that will help improve wine yields.

Tags: Cultivation DNA Genes Grapes Research Wine.


Soil in the thawing Siberian permafrost may be releasing significant amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. (via)

Tags: Atmosphere Carbon Discovery Environmental Research.

Start digging.

Researcher has caculated that 99% of the gold on Earth resides within the core.

Tags: Calculate Gold Research.

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