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Mail Back program.

USPS to test recycling service that lets you mail unwanted electronic items for free.

Tags: Electronics Mail Recycling.

Cow Power.

Energy company to begin producing natural gas from animal waste. (via)

Tags: Animals Energy Gas Green Recycling.


Fully biodegradable cutlery.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Products Recycling.

BioHaven Wild Floating Islands.

Product derived from recycled materials is a man-made island that is designed to filter water pollution.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Green Materials Pollution Products Recycling Water.

Cellular aluminum.

Aluminum material developed that is porously designed like foam to be strong and evenly distribute impact forces.

Tags: Materials Metals Nanotechnology Recycling Technology.

Boing boing.

Washington, D.C. is testing sidewalks that are created from recycled rubber tires.

Tags: Environmental Green Materials Recycling Urban planning.

Phanerochaete chrysosporium.

Scientists discover a species of white rot fungus that is able to digest durable plastic resins. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fungus Plastics Recycling.

Holdfast Rubber Highway.

Project designed to ease urban traffic congestion is paving seldom used railway lines with roads made of recycled rubber tires. (via)

Tags: Green Project Railroad Recycling Traffic.

Princess Elisabeth Antarctic research station.

Scientific base to be built in Antarctica that will recycle everything and run entirely on renewable energy. (via)

Tags: biodome Eco-friendly Environmental Green Recycling Research.

Microbial fuel cells.

Scientists discover that the natural process of microbes breaking down wastewater can be converted into usable electricity. (via)

Tags: Discovery Eco-friendly Energy Green Recycling Waste Water.

Razor Saver.

Product that resharpens used shaving razors.

Tags: Products Recycling Shaving.

Fossil water.

Libya is sitting on one of the oldest freshwater aquifers in the world.

Tags: Engineering Recycling Water.


Company has developed a method for harnessing electromagnetic energy present in the environment to produce energy for powering devices. (via)

Tags: Energy Ideas Recycling Waste.


General Motors uses the gas produced from rotting garbage in landfills to power seven of its plants. (via)

Tags: Business Gas Recycling.

Chemo-biotechnological conversion.

Process using soil bacterium that converts Styrofoam into a biodegradeable plastic.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Materials Recycling Waste.

Biomass program.

San Francisco waste company to collect dog poo from city parks and turn it into electricity.

Tags: Animals Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Pets Recycling Waste.

Cellulosic ethanol.

Usuable energy produced cheaply and easily from farm waste digested in termite guts.

Tags: Bugs Eco-friendly Energy Gas Recycling.

Aqua AWD-AQ1.

Waterless washing machine that converts air to ozone which oxidizes bacteria from clothing.

Tags: Clothing Eco-friendly Recycling Water.


Environmental movement demonstrates how people can feed themselves for free by rescuing food thrown away by others. (via)

Tags: Environmental Food Prevention Recycling Waste.

Leftovers to Lights.

California utility considering using food waste from restaurants to produce methane gas. (via)

Tags: Energy Gas Ideas Recycling Resources Waste.


Batteries that are completely rechargable and recyclable. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Improvements Products Recycling.

Fumes-to-Fuel technology.

Automotive plant recycles harmful paint fumes into electricity. (via)

Tags: Cars Energy Recycling.

Dish Maker.

Machine molds cups, plates, and bowls out of a recyclable material that can be remolded again and again.

Tags: Ideas Make Materials Recycling Synthetics.


Plastic that is made from plants and dissolves in water. (via)

Tags: Environmental Ideas Materials Recycling Synthetics Water.

Rest in mulch.

Town in Sweden to begin freeze-drying their dead. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Change Culture Death Environmental Ideas Milestones Recycling.


New text-messaging service in London allows users to request schedules of when their recycling is collected or locate the nearest recycling facilities. (via)

Tags: Environmental Ideas Phone Recycling Technology.


Student in England designs shower that ‘re-circulates and cleans used water.

Tags: Design Environmental Ideas People Recycling Water.

Fed up.

The guy who makes furniture out of Fedex boxes is now being told by Fedex to take down his site. (via)

Tags: Business Followup How-to Legal Make Products Recycling Resources Web.

Got poop?

Prison in Rwanda powers stoves with very natural gas. (via)

Tags: Food Ideas Prison Recycling Resources.

Bed Ex.

Creating furniture with packaging supplies. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Products Recycling Resources.

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