Category: Punishment

Check my cell phone.

Man who scaled the White House fence last month looking for Chelsea Clinton says that George Bush told him to do it.

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Punishment.

Here lies BMW.

Ohio man buries his car to collect insurance.

Tags: Bogus Busted Cars Crime Insurance People Prison Punishment.

Hot prospect.

California prisoner elected to school board.

Tags: Election Embarrassing People Prison Punishment Woopsie.

Dead drunk.

Bartender sent to prison for mixing a drink that killed a customer. (recipe)

Tags: Alcohol Crime Death Drunk People Punishment.

Be like Larry.

Prisoner gets additional years added on to his time so that his overall sentence matches Larry Bird’s jersey.

Tags: Basketball Bizarre Celebrity Ego People Punishment Sports.

No ghosts allowed.

Indian brothers fined for keeping a pet ghost and bringing evil to their village.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Fear Money People Punishment Unexplained.

Leggo my eggo.

Man kills man over can of Spam. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Crime Food Legal Murder People Punishment.

Last laugh.

British woman barred from a bar because ‘her high-pitched laugh was annoying other drinkers.

Tags: Alcohol Annoying Drunk People Punishment.

Too late.

Innocent maid criminally convicted and executed in 1945 posthumously pardoned in Georgia.

Tags: Change Crime Culture Death Forgiven Legal Mistakes Murder People Prison Punishment.

Book ’em Dano.

Cow blamed for causing traffic accident is put behind bars in Colombia.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Busted Crime Prison Punishment.

Point of view.

I’m not a thief. I’m a person who is addicted to shopping with stolen money.

Tags: Crime Legal Money People Punishment Theft.

Kick your butt.

Girlfriend beats up her boyfriend with his own leg. (via)

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Legal People Prison Punishment Redneck Weapons.

Two can play at that game.

Seattle man pays for $120 speeding ticket with 12,000 pennies.

Tags: Legal Money People Punishment.

Eyes wide shut.

Nurse superglues her boyfriend’s roving eyes shut. (via)

Tags: People Punishment.

You asked for it.

Man tells jury to give him life sentence. Instead gets 99 years for stealing a cell phone.

Tags: Crime Legal Prison Punishment Robbery.

Blue collar undies.

Redneck sharing gone wild. (via)

Tags: Crime Punishment Redneck Underwear.

444, not 911.

Drunk man from Japan who repeatedly mistakes ambulance company for cab service has now been imprisoned.

Tags: Alcohol Busted Mistakes Prison Punishment.

Stealthy stealth master.

The man who owns and protects the word ‘stealth’.

Tags: Business Crime Language Legal Money Punishment.

Our bad.

Man who was expelled from church 160 years ago was finally let back in.

Tags: Forgiven Punishment Religion.

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