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Gospel of Judas.

Apocryphal manuscript to be published around Easter in which Jesus forgives Judas.

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They have good articles.

Playboy magazine is published in Braille. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Culture His Magazines Publishing Sex.

Freedom fighters.

China shuts down blog after it was nominated for a ‘freedom of expression’ award.

Tags: Blog Culture Irony Nationality Politics Prevention Publishing Web.

Moving ads.

German electronics firm has created paper-sized TV screens that can be used to animate ads in newspapers and magazines. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Publishing Technology TV Video.

Sir Henry Neville.

Book claims that Shakespeare‘s plays and verse were written by another person.

Tags: Books Change Culture History Language People Publishing.

CSI: Topeka.

Controversial Hallmark greeting card makes fun of a Kansas city. (via)

Tags: Controversy Culture Humor Products Propaganda Protest Publishing TV.

World wide rewrite.

Magazine writer puts an intentionally error-laden article on Wikipedia and lets the community make corrections. (via)

Tags: Challenge Improvements Magazines Publishing Web World.


Investigator exposes a made-up word in the New Oxford English Dictionary. (via)

Tags: Bogus Books Humor Information Publishing Resources.

Let us pray quickly.

Book publisher releases ‘summarized‘ version of the Bible that can be read in 100 minutes. (via)

Tags: Books Culture Publishing Religion.

Power publishing.

How to write a novel in 100 days or less. (via)

Tags: Books How-to Publishing.

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