Category: Propaganda

Prop 4.

Bond proposal that is being campaigned on the messages inside of fortune cookies.

Tags: Food Politics Propaganda.

David “None of the Above” Gatchell.

Man running for governor of Tennessee legally changes his middle name to None of the above. (via)

Tags: Ballot Controversy Election Legal Names People Politics Propaganda Voting.

Dianetics Racing Team.

Church of Scientology to start a NASCAR racing team.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy NASCAR Propaganda Religion.

Free Bob.

Campaign to free a stuffed moose head that was confiscated from its owner for trying to sell it on eBay.

Tags: Animals eBay Legal Propaganda.


Turkmenistan’s president assures passage to heaven for those who read his book three times.

Tags: Books Govern People Propaganda.

Where the bloody hell are you?

Australian ad campaign seeks to attract more tourists by swearing at them. (via)

Tags: Ideas Language Marketing Nationality Propaganda Tours Travel.

Orang Lenggor.

Malaysian wildlife society has scientific evidence of a Bigfoot colony living in the jungle.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Propaganda Unexplained.


Service that will put ads on roofs. (via)

Tags: Business eBay Ideas Marketing Propaganda Web.

The Impaler.

Vampire is running for governor of Minnesota. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Politics Propaganda.

Avery Ant 2006.

Ant is running for Prime Minister of Canada. (via)

Tags: Govern Parody Politics Propaganda.

Alibi Network.

Service that helps cover a cheater’s tracks. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Deception Propaganda Relationships Spouse.

Intuitive eating.

Professor loses weight with his ‘no-diet’ diet.

Tags: Crazes Culture Diet Food People Propaganda Weight loss.

Read me!

Advertisement placed on airport runway.

Tags: Ideas Marketing Milestones Propaganda.

Keeping it real.

Religion that only believes in things that are real. (via)

Tags: Organizations Propaganda Religion.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.


Canadian man buys $2500 worth of Serenity movie tickets and hands them out to people.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Money Movies Propaganda.

All five fingers.

Singapore launches the ‘Singapore Road Wave‘, a behavior modification campaign aimed at reducing road rage incidents among motorists.

Tags: Cars Culture Marketing Propaganda.

Bah humbug.

Attention all Scrooges: Join the Christmas resistance movement. (via)

Tags: Culture Holidays Organizations Propaganda Protest.


Dog that can walk on his hind legs like a human used to promote traffic safety.

Tags: Animals Pets Propaganda.


Canadian politician claims that UFO‘s are the ‘biggest cover-up in history. (via)

Tags: Culture Information Politics Propaganda Secret Space UFO Unexplained.


Catholic Church: Parts of the Bible are not actually true. (via)

Tags: Books Change Organizations Propaganda Religion.

Alaska B4UDIE.

Alaska Travel Industry Association launches a billboard marketing campaign featuring a slogan ‘to get people thinking about Alaska now rather than later.

Tags: Culture Marketing Organizations Propaganda.

CSI: Topeka.

Controversial Hallmark greeting card makes fun of a Kansas city. (via)

Tags: Controversy Culture Humor Products Propaganda Protest Publishing TV.

Feminist Initiative.

Swedish political party says it will abolish marriage if it gets into power. (via)

Tags: Hers People Politics Propaganda Spouse Weddings.


Legos.com is a redirect page owned by LEGO that correctly informs you that the brand name LEGO is not plural. (via)

Tags: Language Marketing Mistakes Propaganda Web.

Coffee buzz.

Study finds coffee to be more healthy than fruits and veggies. (via)

Tags: Coffee Diet Food Health Propaganda Study.

Hans Brix.

Kim Jong Il won’t be so ronery anymore now that you can search all of his memorable propaganda at NK News.

Tags: Deception Parody People Politics Propaganda Research Search Web.

Say what?

His protest banner read: ‘In Florida and EEUU No Obstruction in the Legal Process the Information Respect the Tourist‘.

Tags: Bizarre Caught Crime Health Mental Propaganda Protest.

Got Putin?

Having a tattoo of President Putin is very fashionable at the moment.”

Tags: Art Celebrity Crazes People Politics Propaganda Tattoo.

Please Cooter don’t hurt ’em.

Cooter is urging Dukes of Hazzard purists to boycott the upcoming new movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Movies People Propaganda Protest TV.


2.5 million Chinese suffer from Internet addiction.” (via)

Tags: Health People Politics Prevention Propaganda Technology Video Games Web.

Smoker’s haven.

Quitting smoking would bring you misery, shortening your life.” (via)

Tags: Health Marketing Propaganda Smoking.

A lot of hot air.

If you’re going to protest, you at least need to raise a little stink.

Tags: Animals Business Politics Propaganda Protest.

Budgetary oversight?

Apparently, we who have telephones are still funding the Spanish-American War. (via)

Tags: Money Politics Propaganda War.

Didn’t you know?

The first rocket was apparently launched by North Korea 1300 years ago.

Tags: Bizarre Propaganda Science Space Technology.

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