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Oral product that trains your face to smile better.

Tags: Facial expressions Products.

Microbacterium hatanonis.

Scientists discover a new strain of bacteria that lives in hairspray. (via)

Tags: Bacteria Discovery Products.

Mobile Digital Scribe.

Pen that captures sketches/handwriting and stores it as a JPEG.

Tags: Products Technology.

Glitter Gun.

Hand-held device that shoots glitter.

Tags: Products.

Classic Chocolate Lager.

Chocolate beer.

Tags: Beer Beverages Chocolate Discovery Holidays Ideas Marketing Products.

Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.


Carbonated beverage that burns calories as you drink it. (via)

Tags: Beverages Fitness Products Weight loss.

Aqua Dog.

Meat-flavored water. (via)

Tags: Animals Pets Products Water.

Pint Pots.

Beer-flavored gummy candy.

Tags: Beer Candy Products.


Fully biodegradable cutlery.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Products Recycling.

BioHaven Wild Floating Islands.

Product derived from recycled materials is a man-made island that is designed to filter water pollution.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Green Materials Pollution Products Recycling Water.

Wonder Bar.

Chocolate bar that is specially-formulated to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. (via)

Tags: Candy Chocolate Hers PMS Products Wellness.

Trigger Optics Headache Sunglasses.

Eyewear that claim to block the wave harmonics in light which are responsible for causing migraine headaches. (via)

Tags: Headaches Homeopathy Light Migraine Products Wellness.

Otoko Kaoru.

Chewing gum that causes a rose fragrance to emit from the body. (via)

Tags: Chewing gum Products Smell.


Lotion that quickly repairs the DNA in sunburn-damaged skin.

Tags: Cancer DNA Lotion Products Skin Sunburn Suntan.

Walkie Talkie Watches.

Voice-activated private mobile radio watch. (via)

Tags: Future Gadgets Products Technology.


Cannabis ice tea.

Tags: Drinks Drugs Products THC.

Nic Lite.

Water that contains nicotine is designed for smokers to drink in places where they aren’t allowed to smoke. (via)

Tags: Health Nicotine Products Smoking Water.

Dekra D-Drive bike.

Chainless bicycle. (via)

Tags: Bicycle Products.


Tracking system that uses radio-frequency technology allows you to locate lost golf balls. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Golf Products Technology.


Wristwatch that monitors body signals during sleep and wakes you when you’re most alert. (via)

Tags: Products Sleep Time Watches Wellness.


Handheld device that uses GPS technology to identify what celestial body you are pointing at. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Gadgets Products Space Technology.

Power Pops.

Lollipops designed with natural ingredients that suppress hunger and boost energy to make you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Candy Diet Products Weight loss.


Aerosol spray that forms a ‘frosty film’ on pet poop making it easier to clean up. (via)

Tags: Animals Environmental Pets poop Products Waste.

Hydroxycitric acid.

Ingredient in a bottled-water product called Skinny Water that suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Products Water Weight loss.

Golf-Ball Finding Glasses.

Lenses that block out dark colors and allow white to pass through making golf balls easy to locate. (via)

Tags: Golf Products Vision.

Pat’s Weight Loss Shake.

Rev. Pat Robertson has developed an age-defying protein shake that allows him to leg press 2000 pounds. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Humor People Products Religion.


Handblown crystal material used in wine glasses that is designed to be unbreakable. (via)

Tags: Materials Products.

Slim Fit 20.

Pantyhose treated with caffeine micro capsules that increase the burning of fat and reduce cellulite and the “orange peel” effect. (via)

Tags: Clothing Hers Products Weight loss.


Spray-on composite consisting of polyurethane and crushed stones is designed to help protect coastlines from erosion. (via)

Tags: Materials Preservation Products.

The Amazing Flygun.

Gun that kills flies. (via)

Tags: Bugs Products Weapons.

Eco Balls.

Detergent substitute that cleans laundry by activating water molecules to naturally lift dirt away from clothing. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Green Products.


Jacket for motorcyclists that inflates in an accident to form a protective airbag around the rider. (via)

Tags: Products Safety.

K9 Water Co.

Company that sells varieties of bottled water for dogs. (via)

Tags: Pets Products Water.

Shower Shock.

Caffeinated soap. (via)

Tags: Coffee Hygiene Products.

Children’s Tylenol with Flavor Creator.

Liquid medicine that is packaged with a packets of flavor crystals allows children to make their medicine taste better. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Medicine Products.

Razor Saver.

Product that resharpens used shaving razors.

Tags: Products Recycling Shaving.


Cigarette has been invented that contains vitamins.

Tags: Health Products Smoking.


Plastic bio-polymer derived from corn is both 100% compostable and biodegradeable. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Materials Products.

Beef Jerky Factory Plus.

Kit to make beef jerky at home. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Make Products.

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