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The Steri.

Historical graffiti discovered on the cell walls of an Italian prison used to jail and torture religious heretics during the Inquisition. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Prison Religion.

Escapology 101.

British prison bans an inmate from reading books about magic. (via)

Tags: Books Magic Prevention Prison.

Good trade.

In exchange for early prison release, Pope John Paul‘s would-be assassin offered go to Afghanistan, infiltrate al-Qaeda and capture Osama bin Laden. (via)

Tags: Celebrity People Prison Special Ops.

Here lies BMW.

Ohio man buries his car to collect insurance.

Tags: Bogus Busted Cars Crime Insurance People Prison Punishment.


Scottish inmates will be freed one weekend a month due to prison overcrowding.

Tags: Controversy Money People Prison.

Causing grievous hurt.

Indian man mistakenly held in prison for 54 years.

Tags: Mistakes People Prison.

Naked Rambler Strikes Back.

Naked Rambler, the man who showed up to his public indecency trial naked, has violated his parole by not wearing any clothes as he walked out of prison.

Tags: Busted Clothing Crime Followup Parole violation People Prison.

Hot prospect.

California prisoner elected to school board.

Tags: Election Embarrassing People Prison Punishment Woopsie.

Deja vu.

Prisoner escapes after posing as his identical twin brother.

Tags: Crime Escape Getaway Mistakes People Prison Woopsie.

Sin city.

Bankrupt New Orleans may have to start releasing prisoners.

Tags: Crime Legal Money Natural Disasters Prison Security.

Tossed salad.

Inmates win vegetable growing competition at local fair.

Tags: Bizarre Contests Food People Prison Prizes.

Martial law.

Prisoners from the Orleans Parish Prison are staged on the highway as floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover the streets.

Tags: History Natural Disasters News People Photos Prison Survival.

Too late.

Innocent maid criminally convicted and executed in 1945 posthumously pardoned in Georgia.

Tags: Change Crime Culture Death Forgiven Legal Mistakes Murder People Prison Punishment.

Book ’em Dano.

Cow blamed for causing traffic accident is put behind bars in Colombia.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Busted Crime Prison Punishment.

Hey Booboo.

Bear arrested and put behind bars in Russia for ‘begging’.

Tags: Animals Caught Food Prison Rescue Survival.

Unfortunate fate.

A few million reasons to just say no.

Tags: Busted Caught Contests Crime Drugs Money People Prison Prizes.

Not armed or dangerous.

Radio station stunt that had three listeners dress like escaped inmates trying to hitch a ride backfired when dozens of ‘terrified’ motorists called 911.

Tags: Bogus Contests Fear Marketing Mistakes Parody Prank Prison Woopsie.

Kick your butt.

Girlfriend beats up her boyfriend with his own leg. (via)

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Legal People Prison Punishment Redneck Weapons.

Love in the first degree.

Man pleads guilty to murder, marries bride in same courtroom.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Legal Murder Prison Spouse Weddings.

Got poop?

Prison in Rwanda powers stoves with very natural gas. (via)

Tags: Food Ideas Prison Recycling Resources.

You asked for it.

Man tells jury to give him life sentence. Instead gets 99 years for stealing a cell phone.

Tags: Crime Legal Prison Punishment Robbery.


If you think the home market is booming, take a look at the penitentiary sector. (via)

Tags: Business Investment Money Prison.

444, not 911.

Drunk man from Japan who repeatedly mistakes ambulance company for cab service has now been imprisoned.

Tags: Alcohol Busted Mistakes Prison Punishment.

Arrest me.

The man who is proud to be a prisoner.

Tags: Crime Irony Mistakes Prison Theft.

Miss con.

Brazil announces its 2005 prison pageant winner.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Photos Prison.

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