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Section L of Chapter 265 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Texas law that has abolished high diving boards from swimming pools. (via)

Tags: Culture Legal Prevention Safety Swimming.

Escapology 101.

British prison bans an inmate from reading books about magic. (via)

Tags: Books Magic Prevention Prison.


Test aircraft that will study rotors, or turbulent whirlwinds produced by airflows over steep mountains.

Tags: Airplanes Prevention Research Study.


Invisible DNA-based substance acts like permanent marker by staying on marked valuables for up to 30 years.

Tags: DNA Prevention Theft.

Sonic Teenager Deterrent.

Device that deters teens from loitering by emitting noises which only young ears can detect.

Tags: Annoying Gadgets Prevention Sound.


The world’s first spray-on birth control. (via)

Tags: Drugs Kids Prevention Products.


Environmental movement demonstrates how people can feed themselves for free by rescuing food thrown away by others. (via)

Tags: Environmental Food Prevention Recycling Waste.

Acoustic swimmer denial system.

Sonar device targeting SCUBA-equipped terrorists causes severe gastic distress which makes the victim vomit in their mask. (via)

Tags: Prevention Technology War Weapons.


Organization whose mission is to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs.

Tags: Organizations Plants Prevention.

Freedom fighters.

China shuts down blog after it was nominated for a ‘freedom of expression’ award.

Tags: Blog Culture Irony Nationality Politics Prevention Publishing Web.

Your bad.

Indian astrologer fails to die after predicting his own death because too many people had ‘prayed for him to live’.

Tags: Death Magic Mistakes People Prevention Survival Unexplained.


Smoking cessation aid that is rubbed into the skin. (via)

Tags: Prevention Products Smoking.


Beer that contains nicotine and is designed to help smokers quit.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Prevention Products Smoking.

One time video.

Microsoft invents a disposable DVD that can only be played one time. (via)

Tags: Ideas Movies Prevention Products.

Cruise control.

Cars that will automatically issue a ticket every time the vehicle exceeds the speed limit. (via)

Tags: Big brother Busted Cars Caught Gadgets Prevention Technology.

War of the Roses.

Man sinks his yacht so that his ex-wife can’t sell it. (via)

Tags: Divorce People Prevention Relationships Sailing Spouse.

Mud man.

Indian man who ‘indulges in more than three servings of mud on a daily basis’ is making his landowning neighbors mad.

Tags: Bizarre Diet People Preservation Prevention Protest.

Bullet with butterfly wings.

Army develops coloring book to teach kids living living on military base the dangers of ammunition they may find.

Tags: Bullets Education Ideas Kids Learning Prevention Resources Weapons.


Ted Nugent is offering his hunting skills to protect Manitoba from bears.

Tags: Animals Celebrity Deadly Death Hunting Music People Preservation Prevention Security Survival.

Drinking and riding.

If you’re in the Dallas area and are out drinking, play it safe and call Wingman to give you a lift home in your own car. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Business Cars Drunk Ideas Prevention.


Protestor cartwheeling from Brighton to London.

Tags: Art Challenge Environmental People Preservation Prevention Protest.


Indian mascots not allowed to attend the Big Dance.

Tags: Basketball Contests Culture Games Language Politics Prevention Sports.

City of the Apes.

Monkeys are taking over San Juan, Puerto Rico. (via)

Tags: Animals Fear Invasion Preservation Prevention Security Survival.


Dog with a talent for emulating ‘emergency vehiclessaves house from fire.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Entertainment Fire Movies Pets Prevention Survival.

The incentivizer.

Car device reminds drivers of upcoming loan payments, disables vehicle when past due. (via)

Tags: Cars Money Prevention Technology.


Electric current showing promise as a shark deterrent.

Tags: Ideas Prevention Security Sharks Technology.


2.5 million Chinese suffer from Internet addiction.” (via)

Tags: Health People Politics Prevention Propaganda Technology Video Games Web.

Negative reinforcement.

The 1-step alcohol-invervention program that’s bound to have a high rate of success.

Tags: Alcohol Fear Prevention.

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