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Low-density amorphous ice.

Research on a form of water supports the idea that living cells could survive cryopreservation and be reanimated. (via)

Tags: Future Life Preservation Research Survival Water.

Ayalon Cave.

Underground cave that was sealed off from the world for five million years is discovered with an intact ecosystem. (via)

Tags: Discovery Preservation.


Project that builds overpasses and underpasses specially designed to lure wildlife into safely crossing highways. (via)

Tags: Animals Build Preservation Safety.


Spray-on composite consisting of polyurethane and crushed stones is designed to help protect coastlines from erosion. (via)

Tags: Materials Preservation Products.

Save sasquatch.

Bigfoot has been granted full protection by the Johor government.

Tags: Bigfoot Legal Preservation.

Mutational deterministic hypothesis.

Sex has evolved as a population cleansing mechanism by concentrating harmful gene mutations into individuals that will eventually be thinned from the herd. (via)

Tags: Evolution Genes Preservation Sex Spouse Survival.

Oocyte cryopreservation.

Researchers have developed a procedure for women to freeze their eggs for later fertilization. (via)

Tags: Hers Kids Preservation Sex.

Cryonics movement.

Rich people, dubbed cryonauts, are creating trust funds that they can reclaim when their bodies are unfrozen and reanimated in the future. (via)

Tags: Business Death Investment Legal Money People Preservation.

Northern right whale.

Two endangered whales spotted in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tags: Fish Preservation.

Once New Amsterdam.

Subway dig in New York City unearths Pre-Revolutionary War fort. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Preservation War.

Unknown soldier.

World War II pilot found frozen in glacier. (via) UPDATE: The body has been identified.

Tags: Body Death Discovery History Preservation War.

Holy preservation!

Three Incan children with clear facial features and clothing intact are possibly the best-preserved mummies ever found. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Death People Preservation.

Mud man.

Indian man who ‘indulges in more than three servings of mud on a daily basis’ is making his landowning neighbors mad.

Tags: Bizarre Diet People Preservation Prevention Protest.


Ted Nugent is offering his hunting skills to protect Manitoba from bears.

Tags: Animals Celebrity Deadly Death Hunting Music People Preservation Prevention Security Survival.

Only in China.

Live pigs in Beijing tatooed ‘with designs ranging from the Louis Vuitton logo to Russian prison tattoos’. (via)

Tags: Animals Art Bizarre Culture Preservation Tattoo.


If you loved the now-defunct ESPN NFL 2K5 video game, you can now upload the 2006 team rosters for both PS2 and XBox! (via)

Tags: Football Preservation Resources Sports Video Games.


Protestor cartwheeling from Brighton to London.

Tags: Art Challenge Environmental People Preservation Prevention Protest.

City of the Apes.

Monkeys are taking over San Juan, Puerto Rico. (via)

Tags: Animals Fear Invasion Preservation Prevention Security Survival.

Biblical revelations.

Monks to use hyperspectral imaging to reveal hidden revisions and passages in ancient Christian texts.

Tags: History Language Photos Preservation Religion Technology.

I’m melting.

Interesting remedy for glacial preservation.

Tags: Global warming Ideas Preservation Survival.

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