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Eupodophis descouensi.

Ancient snake discovered that had two legs.

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Propagation phase contrast microradiography.

Imaging technique has allowed scientists to see fossilized animals in a prehistoric piece of opaque amber.

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Students discover 40 million-year-old penguin fossil that was over 5 feet tall. (via)

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Guanlong wucaii.

Dinosaur that gave rise to the Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in China.

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Neural crest cells.

Electrosensory system that allows sharks to navigate evolved into the sensory system that enables humans to balance.

Tags: Animals Discovery Evolution People Prehistoric Sharks.

Organic matter preservation.

Scientists discover that clay minerals are largely responsible for life on Earth.

Tags: Matter Paleontology Prehistoric Science.


210 million-year-old fossil discovered in the basement of a New York museum. (via)

Tags: Discovery Paleontology Prehistoric.

Subglacial ecosystems.

Underwater lakes discovered in Antarctica that have been untouched for 35 million years.

Tags: Discovery Prehistoric Water.

Maastrichtidelphys meurismeti.

Cretaceous tooth discovery fills gap in fossil record and furthers proof that a land bridge connected North America and Europe during the age of dinosaurs. (via)

Tags: Dinosaurs Discovery Information Paleontology Prehistoric.

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