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Prop 4.

Bond proposal that is being campaigned on the messages inside of fortune cookies.

Tags: Food Politics Propaganda.

Yogic flying.

People are trying to build a shield of invincibility around Israel through transcendental meditation. (via)

Tags: Politics Religion Survival War.

Emissions trading program.

Credit system being proposed where people and businesses pay for the carbon dioxide they produce.

Tags: CO2 Credit Environmental Global warming Green Ideas Politics Social responsibility.

David “None of the Above” Gatchell.

Man running for governor of Tennessee legally changes his middle name to None of the above. (via)

Tags: Ballot Controversy Election Legal Names People Politics Propaganda Voting.

Arizona Voter Reward Act.

Initiative in Arizona to increase voter turnout by entering each vote into a $1 million lottery drawing.

Tags: Elections Ideas Lottery Money Politics Voting.

Great Ape Project.

Spanish Socialist Party to introduce a bill proposing equal rights be given to apes.

Tags: Animals Legal Organizations Politics.

Vote with Your Throat.

Ontario brewery is counting sales of beers renamed for running political parties as votes, and it is proving to be a startlingly accurate barometer for poll measurement.

Tags: Beer Election Marketing Measure Politics.

The Impaler.

Vampire is running for governor of Minnesota. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Politics Propaganda.

Million solar roofs.

California to initiate aggressive solar energy plan.

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Politics Pollution Resources.

Avery Ant 2006.

Ant is running for Prime Minister of Canada. (via)

Tags: Govern Parody Politics Propaganda.

Campaign promise.

Mayor will resign if he is re-elected.

Tags: Decline People Politics Workplace.

Freedom fighters.

China shuts down blog after it was nominated for a ‘freedom of expression’ award.

Tags: Blog Culture Irony Nationality Politics Prevention Publishing Web.


Nazi racoons are on the loose in the German countryside.

Tags: Animals Annoying Disease Health History Pests Politics.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.

Help wanted.

Idaho city has no candidates on the upcoming election ballot.

Tags: Govern Politics Workplace.


Canadian politician claims that UFO‘s are the ‘biggest cover-up in history. (via)

Tags: Culture Information Politics Propaganda Secret Space UFO Unexplained.

Truth in Age Act.

A bill is being debated that, if passed, will date the lives of all Americans from conception, making everyone 9 months older. (via)

Tags: Change Legal Politics.

President of the Internet.

Anyone can run for President of the Internet. (via)

Tags: Challenge Ego Google Govern Humor Ideas Parody Politics Search Web.

His bad.

God officially blamed for a 2003 ferry disaster. (via)

Tags: Accident Bizarre Deadly Death Insurance Legal Natural Disasters Politics Sailing Travel Unexplained.

Don’t eat seeds.

Romanian town has banned residents from eating pumpkin or sunflower seeds outside their homes.

Tags: Bizarre Food Politics.

Dry campus.

Siena College in New York bans the drinking of any kind of beverage in a container on campus. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Change Coffee Education Politics Security Water.

Niche market.

Giving the paperwork a little pizzazz: JustToiletPaper.com. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Humor Hygiene Online shopping Parody People Politics Products Web.

Toby Russel Rhodes.

Dog in New Zealand was successfully registered to vote in elections.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Discovery Mistakes Pets Politics.

My buddy.

Governor Jeb Bush has an imaginary friend he calls ‘Chang’. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Politics.

Firm convictions.

Brazilian man protests government by staying in concrete-filled wooden box for 32 hours.

Tags: Bizarre People Politics Protest.

Feminist Initiative.

Swedish political party says it will abolish marriage if it gets into power. (via)

Tags: Hers People Politics Propaganda Spouse Weddings.

Take that!

Ukrainian President fires the country’s government.

Tags: Boss Fired People Politics Workplace.

We the sons of Mesopotamia.

Full text of the draft Iraqi Constitution. (via)

Tags: History Legal Milestones Politics.

Shut your mouth.

Lip synching banned in Turkmenistan.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Music Politics.

Hans Brix.

Kim Jong Il won’t be so ronery anymore now that you can search all of his memorable propaganda at NK News.

Tags: Deception Parody People Politics Propaganda Research Search Web.

How do you run out of the ‘World’s Best Beer’?

Meet the monks who are in denial about needing a marketing manager.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Crazes People Politics Religion.

Partisan politics.

Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina are fighting over beer money.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Decline Discovery Legal Mistakes Politics Protest Woopsie.


Indian mascots not allowed to attend the Big Dance.

Tags: Basketball Contests Culture Games Language Politics Prevention Sports.


Charlie Murphy: ‘Chappelle’s Show is over‘.

Tags: Celebrity Entertainment Humor Parody People Politics TV.

Got Putin?

Having a tattoo of President Putin is very fashionable at the moment.”

Tags: Art Celebrity Crazes People Politics Propaganda Tattoo.


Forty goats offered to former President Bill Clinton in exchange for Chelsea.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Celebrity People Politics Weddings.


2.5 million Chinese suffer from Internet addiction.” (via)

Tags: Health People Politics Prevention Propaganda Technology Video Games Web.

A lot of hot air.

If you’re going to protest, you at least need to raise a little stink.

Tags: Animals Business Politics Propaganda Protest.

Budgetary oversight?

Apparently, we who have telephones are still funding the Spanish-American War. (via)

Tags: Money Politics Propaganda War.

People soap.

Real-life Fight Club soap produced by Italian artist from the fat of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Tags: Art Movies People Politics.

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