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Scientists discover a new state of matter.

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics.

No gravity needed.

Astronaut makes a boomerang work in outer space.

Tags: Astronaut ISS Physics Space.

Squeezed vacuum.

Physicists successfully store nothing and retrieve it.

Tags: Physics.

Higgs boson.

Researchers are trying to create a baby universe that will evaporate out of a wormhole. (via)

Tags: Physics Space Space-time Theory Universe.

Stable bound state.

Physicists force two atoms to stay together by placing a repulsive force between them.

Tags: Counterintuitive Matter Physics.

Quantum Critical Point.

Scientists observe matter lose a dimension in the lab and go from 3D to 2D. (via)

Tags: Dimensions Materials Matter Milestones Physics.

Randall-Sundrum braneworld model.

Theory of gravity that holds that the visible universe is a membrane embedded within a larger universe. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Space Theories.

Launch Ring.

Circular accelerator acting like a magnetic sling shot that will launch payloads into space.

Tags: Physics Research Space Technology.

Mach-Lorentz thrusters.

Engine that produces gravinertial propulsion by changing the mass of an object and applying a current to it. (via)

Tags: Engine Future Physics Propulsion.

Negative speed.

Light travelling in reverse goes faster than the speed of light.

Tags: Discovery Light Physics.

A galaxy far, far away.

Astronomers discover molecular hydrogen 12.3 billion light-years away. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Milestones Physics.

Leidenfrost effect.

Physicists discover that they can make water run uphill. (via)

Tags: Discovery Phenomena Physics Water.


Material discovered that gets colder when placed in a magnetic field. (via)

Tags: Discovery Materials Phenomena Physics Research.

Quantum key distribution.

System that uses particles of light for encrypting information produces “unbreakable” code.

Tags: Information Light Physics Security.

Disorder in complex systems.

Physicists discover that introducing disorder into a system removes the chaos and creates order.

Tags: Discovery Physics Theories.

Linear response theory.

Scientists discover a molecule that spins without causing friction.

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics Science.


Connection between quantum physics and prime number distributions helped to reveal the third moment of the Riemann zeta function.

Tags: Numbers Physics Unexplained.

Quantum telecloning.

Scientists have successfully cloned and teleported an entire beam of laser light.

Tags: Laser Light Milestones Physics.

Double crystal fusion.

Researchers have successfully produced tabletop fusion at room temperature.

Tags: Chemistry Milestones Physics.

Gravitational field equation.

Physicist to prove that travelling at the speed of light is possible and safe.

Tags: People Physics Theories Travel.

Fluid turbulence.

Scientists have solved the last great unsolved problem of classical physics.

Tags: Measure Milestones Phenomena Physics.

Optical matter arrays.

Scientists have assembled matter particles that are held together by light. (via)

Tags: Light Matter Nanotechnology Physics Science.


Physicist believes that microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang may contain a hidden message from the creator of the universe. (via)

Tags: People Physics Space Theories Unexplained.

Theoretical square law.

Scientist swims in syrup for science. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Physics Research Science Water.

Quantum chromodynamics.

Physicists may have discovered a new form of matter called a glueball. (via)

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics.

Neodymium magnets.

The most powerful magnets on Earth. (via)

Tags: Matter Physics.


Scientists have built a device that can detect gravitational waves. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Instruments Physics.

Collective synchronization.

Wobbling bridge in England caused by people walking the same way. (via)

Tags: Discovery Engineering Phenomena Physics.

HE = PI x C/T + BM.

Russian physicist has discovered a scientific formula for laughter. (via)

Tags: Humor Math People Physics.

Cheerio Effect.

Why floating things tend to clump together. (via)

Tags: Culture Food Physics.

Acid nebula.

Astronomers have detected a 10 million-mile-wide cosmic dust cloud heading toward Earth that vaporizes comets, asteroids, planets, and entire stars! (via)

Tags: Armageddon Discovery Physics Science Space.

Electromagnetically induced transparency.

Researchers in Australia have stopped light for more than one second. UPDATE: This optical technique has also allowed them to peer through solid objects.

Tags: Laser Physics Research Science Study.


Explaining and understanding the equation E = mc2. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Math People Physics Science Space.

Yada, yada, yada.

An exposé on infinity. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Research Science Unexplained.

No love for the B Minus Time Traveller.

Even if you could travel back in time, you still may not be able to alter the past. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Unexplained.

A ‘head’ of his time.

Albert Einstein, space alien.

Tags: Ideas Math People Physics Science.

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