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Laser Scaling and Measurement Device for Photographic Images.

Measuring device created to monitor Space Shuttle damage is now being used in crime scene investigations.

Tags: Crime Gadgets Photos Space Technology.

HP Photosmart R927.

Digital camera that ‘intelligently’ removes pixels making you look slimmer. (via)

Tags: Camera Crazes Culture Fitness Photos Weight loss.


Deep sea robot photographs Greek shipwreck from 350 B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Photos Robots Water.


X-ray method has produced the first coffin-like images of the HIV virus.

Tags: Milestones Photos Virus.

Invisible man.

Chinese man unable to be photographed. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Photos Unexplained.


Images of Venus.

Tags: Astronomy Photos Space.

N44 superbubble complex.

Gemini South Telescope captures image of mysterious gas bubble spanning 325 light years. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Photos Space.

Face recognition.

Web site where you can upload your photo and find out which celebrity you look like. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Ego Photos Technology Web.

Person of the Year.

Submit your photo to be on the cover of Time magazine. (via)

Tags: Ego Magazines Photos.

Second coming?

The number ‘2’ appeared in the eye of Hurricane Wilma.

Tags: Discovery Math Natural Disasters Photos.

Crater face.

Photo of Saturn‘s moon Hyperion. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Photos Space.

In search of sasquatch.

Maine scientist offering $1 million reward for a photo that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot. (via)

Tags: Bigfoot Caught Challenge Cryptozoology People Photos Prizes.

Automatic smile detection system.

Next-generation digital cameras will be able to ‘track all the faces in a group photo and take the photo as soon as everyone smiles. (via)

Tags: Culture Gadgets Improvements Photos Technology.

Hopkin green frog.

Have you seen a lost frog? (via)

Tags: Animals Humor Photos Web.

Have you seen Kenny?

Web site for men who look like Kenny Rogers. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Country Music People Photos Too much free time Web.

Planet of the Man.

Apes spotted in the wild using tools for the first time in recorded history. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Evolution Milestones Photos Tools.

Please disperse.

People pointing at nothing. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Humor People Photos Web.

Growth over time.

Photos of a family that has taken pictures every June 17th since 1976. (via)

Tags: Family People Photos.

Say ‘Mmm’.

Smiling to be banned on all British passports. (via)

Tags: Change Photos.

The easiest arrest ever.

By taking pictures with a cell phone they stole, thieves in Argentina unknowingly published themselves on the stolen phone owner’s personal Web page.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Mistakes People Phone Photos Theft Woopsie.

Martial law.

Prisoners from the Orleans Parish Prison are staged on the highway as floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover the streets.

Tags: History Natural Disasters News People Photos Prison Survival.


If you like photos of people who shake their head really fast, then this site’s for you. (via)

Tags: Humor People Photos.

Genius photographer.

Criminal mistakenly takes and leaves photo of himself at the crime scene.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Irony Mistakes Photos Theft Woopsie.

UFO to-do.

Comprehensive 10-step guide on handling a UFO encounter. (via)

Tags: Mistakes Photos Space Survival UFO Unexplained Video.

Miss con.

Brazil announces its 2005 prison pageant winner.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Photos Prison.

Way to go, Mom!

How to embarrass your kid on a global level by making a big deal about their awful school yearbook photo on national TV.

Tags: Embarrassing Photos Protest.

Biblical revelations.

Monks to use hyperspectral imaging to reveal hidden revisions and passages in ancient Christian texts.

Tags: History Language Photos Preservation Religion Technology.

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