Category: Phenomena

Plasma clouds.

Scientists have created ball-lightning in the lab. (via)

Tags: Lab Lightning Phenomena Science.


Emerging phenomonen of hearing a cell phone ring that isn’t there. (via)

Tags: Phenomena Phone Sound.

Leidenfrost effect.

Physicists discover that they can make water run uphill. (via)

Tags: Discovery Phenomena Physics Water.


Material discovered that gets colder when placed in a magnetic field. (via)

Tags: Discovery Materials Phenomena Physics Research.

Electric-dipole moment.

Phenomenon that is helping scientists answer why there is more matter in the universe than anti-matter. (via)

Tags: Matter Measure Phenomena Unexplained.

Fluid turbulence.

Scientists have solved the last great unsolved problem of classical physics.

Tags: Measure Milestones Phenomena Physics.

Collective synchronization.

Wobbling bridge in England caused by people walking the same way. (via)

Tags: Discovery Engineering Phenomena Physics.

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