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Company offers dog rental service. (via)

Tags: Business Pets.

Aqua Dog.

Meat-flavored water. (via)

Tags: Animals Pets Products Water.


Software has been created that teaches the Roomba cleaning robot to act like a pet. (via)

Tags: Behavior Pets Robots Software.

Genetic divergence.

Company has successfully bred hypoallergenic kittens.

Tags: Allergies Animals Cats Genes Pets.


Aerosol spray that forms a ‘frosty film’ on pet poop making it easier to clean up. (via)

Tags: Animals Environmental Pets poop Products Waste.

K9 Water Co.

Company that sells varieties of bottled water for dogs. (via)

Tags: Pets Products Water.


California company is fusing computing with biology in a process they call virtual cell biology to one day create real life dragons. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Computers Future Pets.

Low intensity laser beams.

Hong Kong company offers tatoos for pet fish. (via)

Tags: Business Fish Laser Pets Tattoo.

Biomass program.

San Francisco waste company to collect dog poo from city parks and turn it into electricity.

Tags: Animals Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Pets Recycling Waste.

Canine drawl.

Dog growls have dialects that are influenced by regional accent. brrreeeport

Tags: Animals Language Pets.


Dog treat launcher.

Tags: Animals Food Pets Toys.

Happy Tail Ale.

Beer for dogs. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Pets Products.

The law won?

Man who fought to pass tougher laws for owners of dangerous dogs gets attacked by his own dog.

Tags: Animals Embarrassing Irony People Pets.

Animal tracking.

Japanese legislation would require owners of dangerous animals to have tracking microchips implanted into their pets in case they got loose.

Tags: Animals Big brother Deadly Legal Pets Technology.


Dog that can walk on his hind legs like a human used to promote traffic safety.

Tags: Animals Pets Propaganda.

There’s no such thing as Rudolph.

Danish airforce has compensated Santa Claus for accidentally killing Rudolph.

Tags: Accident Animals Bizarre Culture Death Mascots Mistakes Pets Woopsie.

Toby Russel Rhodes.

Dog in New Zealand was successfully registered to vote in elections.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Discovery Mistakes Pets Politics.


Inventor turns dead cats into diesel. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Cars Gas Ideas Pets.

Pink pussy now.

White cat mysteriously turns pink.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Pets Unexplained.

Come on.

Boy inventor given a grade of C for inventing a hamster-powered cell phone charger.

Tags: Animals Education Gadgets Ideas Make People Pets Phone.


Dog learns kick-boxing.

Tags: Animals Kickboxing Learning Pets Sports.


Man transforms himself into a cat via extreme plastic surgery. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Change People Pets Surgery Tattoo.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.


Dog with a talent for emulating ‘emergency vehiclessaves house from fire.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Entertainment Fire Movies Pets Prevention Survival.

Doggie disguises.

Turn your doberman into a poodle. (via)

Tags: Animals Deception Ideas Pets Prank Products.

9 minus 1 equals 8.

Australian woman brings family cat back to life with CPR.

Tags: Animals Lucky Pets Rescue Survival.

Here, kitty kitty.

If you like to put stuff on your cat, this site is for you. (via)

Tags: Animals Blog Humor Pets Web.

Turd burglar.

Be careful what you steal from others.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Humor Mistakes Pets.

Dog witness

Nothing weird here: Just your usual dog being subpoenaed in a murder trial.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Humor Pets.


I don’t know whether to laugh or feel weird about this: humping robodogs.

Tags: Bizarre Pets Technology.

Go fishy

Taking the nation by storm: the racetrack fish bowl!

Tags: Pets.

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