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Australopithecus anamensis.

Species of ape-man discovered in Ethiopia that Homo sapiens evolved from.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Paleontology.

Tiktaalik roseae.

Fossil remains of a crocodile-like fish discovered that may be the missing link explaining how life transitioned from water to land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution Fish Life Milestones Paleontology.


Students discover 40 million-year-old penguin fossil that was over 5 feet tall. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Paleontology Prehistoric.

Organic matter preservation.

Scientists discover that clay minerals are largely responsible for life on Earth.

Tags: Matter Paleontology Prehistoric Science.


210 million-year-old fossil discovered in the basement of a New York museum. (via)

Tags: Discovery Paleontology Prehistoric.

Maastrichtidelphys meurismeti.

Cretaceous tooth discovery fills gap in fossil record and furthers proof that a land bridge connected North America and Europe during the age of dinosaurs. (via)

Tags: Dinosaurs Discovery Information Paleontology Prehistoric.

Titanosaurus indicus.

Argentine paleontologists discover intact skeleton of a young titanosaurus.

Tags: Dinosaurs Discovery Paleontology.

Multiplex polymerase chain reaction.

German scientists rebuild a section of the wooly mammoth’s mitochondrial DNA.

Tags: Animals Archaeology DNA Paleontology Science.

Dakosaurus andiniensis.

Ancient sea creature was part crocodile and part T. rex.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Paleontology.

Rewriting history.

Alphabet found carved in stone dating from 10th century B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Language Paleontology.

Land before time.

Scientists discover tracks of swimming dinosaur on the shore of a prehistoric sea in Wyoming.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Paleontology.

Wollemi pine.

Jurassic-period tree thought to be extinct found growing in Australia.

Tags: Discovery Paleontology.

Ancient ramen.

Chinese ruins have produced remains of the oldest noodles on Earth.

Tags: Archaeology Culture Discovery Food Paleontology.

Shire. Baggins.

Scientists have found more proof that hobbits roamed the earth.

Tags: Archaeology Culture Discovery Entertainment Movies Paleontology.


Dinosaur footprints discovered in a college building wall.

Tags: Archaeology Bizarre Discovery Education Paleontology.

Sahelanthropus tchadensis.

Picture of the facial reconstruction of the oldest human ancestor ever found.

Tags: Archaeology Paleontology Science.

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