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Great Ape Project.

Spanish Socialist Party to introduce a bill proposing equal rights be given to apes.

Tags: Animals Legal Organizations Politics.


Snowman effigy burned annually to celebrate the killing of Winter’s evil spirit has been kidnapped by a radical Swiss militant group. (via)

Tags: Culture Organizations Snow Theft.

Predictive Quantities Indicator.

Algorithm predicting that the English language is nearing one million words. (via)

Tags: Language Milestones Numbers Organizations.


NASA re-evaluates the data collected from the Apollo missions and concludes that there is seismic activity on the moon. (via)

Tags: Earthquake Moon Organizations.

Star children.

Evidence of children encountering UFOs and extraterrestrials to be presented to a United Nations affiliated conference.

Tags: Information Kids Organizations UFO Unexplained.

Healthcare associated infections.

British Medical Association advises against doctors wearing neckties as they harbor germs which kill 5000 patients annually.

Tags: Clothing Hygiene Organizations Workplace.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

World Health Organization says that polio virus has been eradicated from Egypt and Niger. (via)

Tags: Disease Health Milestones Organizations Virus.

NDMX golf ball.

Golf ball that can correct its flight path in the air gets approval for use by the U.S. Golf Association.

Tags: Golf Improvements Nanotechnology Organizations Products.

Ebony and Irony.

Black man was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. (via)

Tags: Irony Organizations People Police.


Organization whose mission is to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs.

Tags: Organizations Plants Prevention.

Angel soft.

Oregon church raising money by selling toilet paper.

Tags: Money Organizations Products Religion.

Keeping it real.

Religion that only believes in things that are real. (via)

Tags: Organizations Propaganda Religion.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.

Bah humbug.

Attention all Scrooges: Join the Christmas resistance movement. (via)

Tags: Culture Holidays Organizations Propaganda Protest.

The Lord’s name in vain.

Young boy to teacher: Why did Mary and Joseph name their baby after a swear word? (via)

Tags: Humor Kids Language Learning Organizations Religion Resources.


Catholic Church: Parts of the Bible are not actually true. (via)

Tags: Books Change Organizations Propaganda Religion.

Alaska B4UDIE.

Alaska Travel Industry Association launches a billboard marketing campaign featuring a slogan ‘to get people thinking about Alaska now rather than later.

Tags: Culture Marketing Organizations Propaganda.


A worldwide organization of people who love to climb trees. (via)

Tags: Organizations.

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