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Adam Reuters.

News correspondent that will deliver real news as a character in the virtual world Second Life.

Tags: News Videogaming Virtual world Web.

Baby steps.

Bigfoot may have been caught in the jungles of Johor.

Tags: Bigfoot News.

Offensive odors.

California declares secondhand smoke a toxic pollutant.

Tags: Health Milestones News Smoking Social responsibility.


Russian astrologer is suing NASA for smashing the Deep Impact probe into a comet and ‘ruining her predictions. (via)

Tags: Culture Legal News People Space.

Piano woman.

Piano Man, Part II: Naked woman who apparently can’t speak found walking along a beach in Hong Kong.

Tags: Bogus Discovery Followup News People Unexplained.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

Social web.

Craigslist Lost & Found for New Orleans being used to track lost family and friends displaced by Hurricane Katrina. (via)

Tags: Ideas Natural Disasters News People Rescue Search Survival Web.

Martial law.

Prisoners from the Orleans Parish Prison are staged on the highway as floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover the streets.

Tags: History Natural Disasters News People Photos Prison Survival.

Hee hee!

A whole mouthful of Michael Jackson jokes.

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Humor Legal Music News People Scandal.


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may have been killed this past weekend in Fallujah.

Tags: News People War.

Under the radar.

John Kerry is apparently planning to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

Tags: News People Politics Scandal Web.


Jennifer Wilbanks toast creator jilted in-turn by would-be eBay bidder.

Tags: Culture Food Money News People.

Please don’t be my neighbor.

It’s technically a feud when it’s big enough to make the news.

Tags: News.

World Wide Dunce.

All sorts of Jennifer Wilbanks items to choose from.

Tags: Humor News People Products Scandal.

Ron Burgundy.

A drinking game for all you fellow news junkies out there. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Humor News.

Free John McGivney!

Understanding the act of the man who shot his car not as a crazed, lone gunman, but instead as a local savior and national news manipulator.

Tags: Bizarre Cars Crime Humor News.

Papal Post.

A whole lotta pope: How popes name themselves. Papal candidates. Two guys who made bank off Benedict. A guy who now owns BenedictXVI.com

Tags: Humor News People Religion.


The Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoons of Nick Anderson. Love the one with Smêagol.

Tags: Cartoons Culture Humor News Politics.

Killing the Pope.

Understanding why Pope John Paul II was a target of assassination in 1981.

Tags: History News People Religion Scandal.

No thanks.

IPO a serious consideration for that “fair-and-balanced” network, Al Jazeera.

Tags: Business Money News.


About the only good thing to have come out of the Tsunami is the possible discovery of an ancient port city.

Tags: Culture News.


Dell is now the most admired company to work for in the world.

Tags: Business News Technology.

Sucks to be a screen writer…

Movie starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe suspended three days before shooting was to begin. “The screenplay is not where we need it to be.” Ouch.

Tags: Entertainment Movies News People.


A Cub Scout sold 10 tons of popcorn!!!

Tags: Bizarre Food News.

Turn out the lights

The 2004 NHL season is just about over for good.

Tags: Hockey News Sports.

Dooce the Dork

Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) blogger, Dooce, was featured on ABC’s World News Tonight.

Tags: Blog News People Web.

In denial

Jason Giambi continues to evade his speculated use of steroids, even in apologizing to baseball fans.

Tags: Baseball News People Scandal Sports.

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