Category: Natural Disasters

Reservoir-triggered earthquakes.

Scientists have reportedly predicted an earthquake. (via)

Tags: Earthquakes Milestones Natural Disasters Prediction Science.

Lake Vui.

Volcanic activity has mysteriously changed the color of a South Pacific island lake from blue to bright red. (via)

Tags: Natural Disasters Unexplained Water.

Sonic Detection and Ranging.

Meteorological technique that measures sound waves to predict earthquakes.

Tags: Earthquake Measure Natural Disasters Sound.

Bronze Age bully.

Archaeologists discover that a massive Mt. Vesuvius eruption buried towns and villages 2000 years before Pompeii.

Tags: Archaeology Geology History Natural Disasters Volcano.


Scientists have found the remains of a civilization lost to the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Natural Disasters.


Two frozen tsunamis crash into Alaskan shoreline. (via)

Tags: Natural Disasters Water.

Dead zone.

Scientists dive into the Indian Ocean epicenter of last year’s tsunami and find it completely devoid of life.

Tags: Earthquake Environmental History Natural Disasters Water.

Second coming?

The number ‘2’ appeared in the eye of Hurricane Wilma.

Tags: Discovery Math Natural Disasters Photos.

Sin city.

Bankrupt New Orleans may have to start releasing prisoners.

Tags: Crime Legal Money Natural Disasters Prison Security.

His bad.

God officially blamed for a 2003 ferry disaster. (via)

Tags: Accident Bizarre Deadly Death Insurance Legal Natural Disasters Politics Sailing Travel Unexplained.

Project Stormfury.

Insight into a failed federal government research program aimed at weakening hurricanes through cloud seeding.

Tags: Natural Disasters Research Science Study.

Old Orleans.

Louisiana Superdome will have to be torn down due to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. (via)

Tags: Football History Natural Disasters Sports.

The gods must be crazy.

Hurricane Katrina causing massive shortages of beer and cigarettes in affected areas.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Natural Disasters Survival.

Rock still lives.

Hard Rock Cafe‘s 112-foot electric guitar sign survives 7 hours of 100-mph hurricane-force winds in Biloxi. (via)

Tags: Hard rock Music Natural Disasters Survival Unexplained.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

Social web.

Craigslist Lost & Found for New Orleans being used to track lost family and friends displaced by Hurricane Katrina. (via)

Tags: Ideas Natural Disasters News People Rescue Search Survival Web.

Martial law.

Prisoners from the Orleans Parish Prison are staged on the highway as floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover the streets.

Tags: History Natural Disasters News People Photos Prison Survival.

What’s in a name?

An unfortunately ironic horse mishap.

Tags: Animals Natural Disasters.


Can a Florida businessman’s environmental product really reduce the most powerful hurricanes to green jelly?

Tags: Business Natural Disasters Products Unexplained.

New York City?

Hunkering down for this year’s hurricane season in, you guessed it, the Big Apple.

Tags: History Natural Disasters Survival.


Truly a day to be very aware of Flash Flood Safety Awareness Day.

Tags: Bizarre Natural Disasters.

Not good.

Understanding the quake that caused the Tsunami of 2004: “The magnitude 9.3 earthquake has shortened the day by fractions of a second, shifted the North Pole by an inch, and made the planet less fat around the middle.”

Tags: Natural Disasters Science.

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