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Nano-engineered gel.

Researchers have engineered a gel that regenerates severed spinal cord fibers.

Tags: Cancer Nanotechnology Stem cells.


Researchers have designed a nanomachine that releases anticancer drugs directly into cancer cells.

Tags: Cancer Disease Medicine Milestones Nanostructures Nanotechnology Research.


Windshield designed with nanotechnology will require no cleaning or wipers.

Tags: Cars Nanotechnology.


Cell phone that you can stretch.

Tags: Materials Nanotechnology Phone.

In piconewtons.

Scientists discover the force necessary to move a single atom.

Tags: Nanoscale Nanotechnology.

Mycoplasma mobile.

Scientists build motor that is powered by living bacteria. (via)

Tags: Bacteria Locomotion Nanoscale Nanostructures Nanotechnology Power Research.

Hole quantum wire.

Researchers have created a wire that lines up electrons in single file and passes electric current in the holes between them. (via)

Tags: Electronics Future Magnetics Nanotechnology Spintronics Technology.

Cell-directed assembly.

Cells placed in a lipid-silica solution use the solute components to build protective shells around themselves. (via)

Tags: Biology Nanostructures Nanotechnology Security.

Nano lube.

Researchers discover that friction can be reduced at the nanoscale level by using vibration to discharge built up energy.

Tags: Discovery Energy Friction Nanoscale Nanotechnology Production Research.

Cellular aluminum.

Aluminum material developed that is porously designed like foam to be strong and evenly distribute impact forces.

Tags: Materials Metals Nanotechnology Recycling Technology.

Selective laser nano-thermolysis.

Scientists use gold nanoparticles to selectively target and destroy leukemia cells in bone marrow. (via)

Tags: Cancer Disease Leukemia Nanotechnology Research Treatment.

High-tensile nanocomposite.

Scientists engineer a strong new nanomaterial by fusing silica and spider silk.

Tags: Bioengineering Materials Nanotechnology.


Technology that separates water and oil emulsions will be licensed to help increase current petroleum yields. (via)

Tags: Gas Licensing Nanotechnology Oil industry Petroleum Technology Water.

Self-assembling nanoparticle device.

Chemical engineers have developed a high-resolution touch sensor that has a sensitivity comparable to human fingers. (via)

Tags: Cancer Nanotechnology Research Robotics Surgery Technology.

Magnetophoretic control.

Scientists use a magnetic field to control specially-designed nanodrugs and precisely deliver them to tumor cells. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Drugs Health Nanotechnology Treatments.


Researchers have developed materials that can bend radio waves and light in any direction and allow objects to appear invisible.

Tags: Future Light Materials Nanotechnology Technology Vision.

Atomic scale.

Scientists have created a technique that can clock the movements of atoms in nanoseconds. (via)

Tags: Measure Nanotechnology.


Scientists create the world’s smallest brush able to sweep nanodust.

Tags: Guinness Nanotechnology.

Ultrafast molecule sorting and delivery.

IBM has developed a nanoscale method that can rapidly sort molecules. (via)

Tags: Nanotechnology.

Nanoscale ferroelectricity.

Researchers find that storage systems can be further condensed by using water to stabilize memory bits. (via)

Tags: Nanotechnology Research Water.


Peptide developed which functions as a nanosyringe that is able to inject molecules into cells.

Tags: Cells Nanotechnology Research.

Piezoelectric nanogenerators.

Researchers have produced electricity by vibrating tiny nanowires.

Tags: Energy Materials Nanotechnology.

Molecular nanoelectronics.

Researchers have created a diode the size of a molecule.

Tags: Nanotechnology Research Technology.

Nanoscale heaters.

Researchers discover that gold nanoparticles can heat up an area 1000 times their size.

Tags: Discovery Nanotechnology Precious metals.

Organometallic compounds.

Scientists engineer nanoparticles on top of a plant virus. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Nanotechnology Virus.


Scientists develop a nanotech mesh that restores vision in blind hamsters. (via)

Tags: Animals Nanotechnology Research.

Shorted fuel-cell muscle.

Nanotechnologists have created artificial muscles to be used to give robots strength. (via)

Tags: Nanotechnology Robots.

DNA art.

Scientists discover technique of folding strands of DNA to produce any shape. (via)

Tags: Art Design DNA Nanotechnology.

Plastic solar cell.

Spray-on composite that harnesses solar energy and turns it into electricity. (via)

Tags: Energy Materials Nanotechnology Sun.

NDMX golf ball.

Golf ball that can correct its flight path in the air gets approval for use by the U.S. Golf Association.

Tags: Golf Improvements Nanotechnology Organizations Products.

LEES Ultracapicitor.

Researchers are developing nanotube-enhanced batteries with a lasting life of 10 years.

Tags: Energy Nanotechnology Products Research.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

Researchers are developing self-cleaning coatings for surfaces in homes and hospitals that are activated by indoor light.

Tags: Light Materials Nanotechnology Research.

Single-electron tunneling device.

Silicon transistor that can be switched on or off by the motion of electrons. (via)

Tags: Engineering Nanotechnology.

Optical matter arrays.

Scientists have assembled matter particles that are held together by light. (via)

Tags: Light Matter Nanotechnology Physics Science.

Ankyrin repeats.

Spiral-shaped protein coils discovered that generate force when extended or contracted and act like miniature springs.

Tags: Bioengineering Discovery Nanotechnology.

Electro-discharge machining.

Scientists drill the world’s smallest holes. (via)

Tags: Milestones Nanotechnology Technology.


Israeli company has created a material five times stronger than steel. (via)

Tags: Materials Nanotechnology Synthetics.


Scientists have created a material 40 times harder than diamonds. (via)

Tags: Engineering Make Nanotechnology Synthetics.


Scientists have merged living bacteria with electrodes to successfully ‘complete an electronic circuit.

Tags: Energy Make Matter Nanotechnology.


Scientists have created a molecule that walks on two feet.

Tags: Make Matter Nanotechnology.

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