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Dark Ages Lunar Interferometer.

Telescope to be installed on the Moon that will see the beginnings of the universe. (via)

Tags: Moon Telescope Universe.

Doomsday ark.

Lunar vault being planned that will remotely safeguard essential information about life on Earth.

Tags: Armageddon Backup Earth Information Life Moon.


Idea that future Moon missions would be well-supplied with water resources by dumping payloads of ice on the moon now.

Tags: Future Ideas Moon Resources Space Water.

Exchange reaction.

Neptune probably captured its moon Triton from an orbit around the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Moon Space.

Vacuum pyrolysis.

Vaporizing technique that would allow astronauts to extract oxygen from lunar rocks. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Moon Research Space.

Robot-moon project.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plans to colonize the moon with an army of robots. (via)

Tags: Moon Robots Space Technology.

Moon tulip.

European Space Agency is planning to plant a Dutch tulip on the Moon. (via)

Tags: Moon Plants Research.

Tether systems.

Researchers are developing giant slingshots to send cargo to the Moon.

Tags: Moon Research.


NASA re-evaluates the data collected from the Apollo missions and concludes that there is seismic activity on the moon. (via)

Tags: Earthquake Moon Organizations.

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