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Arizona Voter Reward Act.

Initiative in Arizona to increase voter turnout by entering each vote into a $1 million lottery drawing.

Tags: Elections Ideas Lottery Money Politics Voting.


Zimbabwe to issue $100,000 bank note that will allow its people to buy a loaf of bread with one bill. (via)

Tags: economy Inflation Money Nationality.

Federal Excise Tax.

US Treasury Department has repealed a tax on long-distance phone calls that was created to fund the Spanish-American War of 1898. (via)

Tags: Money Phone Taxes War.

One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

Foundation offering a million dollar reward for anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal event. (via)

Tags: Challenge Money Unexplained.

Old debts.

Britain to make final payment on money loaned from the United States during World War II.

Tags: Money Nationality War.

Making cents.

Zinc popularity has increased the cost of manufacturing a penny to 1.4 cents each. (via)

Tags: Make Money.


Scientists discover a 2000-year-old coin that was counterfeited using a process thought to be unknown to metallurgists of the day. (via)

Tags: Bogus Discovery Money.


Service that lets you send and receive money by text messaging with your cell phone.

Tags: Money Online shopping Phone.

Birthday contests!

Readers of jasonspage: Contests to celebrate the 1 year birthday of this site are going on this week over at the Section J blog. For those who aggregate, you’re in luck. Here’s the feed to the Section J blog.

Tags: Contests jasonspage Money Prizes.


Email service will charge companies money to send email to help identify spam. (via)

Tags: Controversy Email Money.


Poisoned microcapsules have been developed to eradicate the zebra mussel.

Tags: Accident Environmental Fish Money Pests Water.

Workers comp.

Insurance underwriter wins lawsuit against her employer for tripping over a stack of claims forms. (via)

Tags: Insurance Irony Legal Money People.


Rare whale vomit discovered on Australian beach is worth over $1 million.

Tags: Discovery Fish Money.

Cryonics movement.

Rich people, dubbed cryonauts, are creating trust funds that they can reclaim when their bodies are unfrozen and reanimated in the future. (via)

Tags: Business Death Investment Legal Money People Preservation.

Prince Mongo.

Florida millionaire claims that he is 333 years old and is from the planet Zambodia. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Mental Money People.


Scottish inmates will be freed one weekend a month due to prison overcrowding.

Tags: Controversy Money People Prison.

Habeas corpus.

Texas attorney kidnaps his own client.

Tags: Kidnapping Legal Money People.

The little cam that could.

British speed camera on pace to average $10,000 an hour in fines for speeding drivers it catches.

Tags: Big brother Cars Caught Money Technology.

I do. No, I do.

California couple auctioning parts of their wedding on eBay to help finance honeymoon.

Tags: eBay Ideas Money People Weddings.

Novel idea.

California college bookstores offering students textbook rental service. (via)

Tags: Books Education Ideas Money.

Angel soft.

Oregon church raising money by selling toilet paper.

Tags: Money Organizations Products Religion.

No such thing.

Bid on a completely invisible Christmas tree, fully decorated. (via)

Tags: eBay Holidays Money.

Never Waste Tree.

Bank issues credit card to a tree.

Tags: Business Culture Discovery Humor Mistakes Money Woopsie.

Know when to fold ’em.

British man bets that he will die and loses.

Tags: Bizarre Death Gambling Money People.

Reach out and rob someone.

New Zealand man tries and fails to rob a bank by phone.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Money People Phone Robbery.


Swiss group believes that they can make Google eat itself. (via)

Tags: Business Google Ideas Marketing Money Search Web.

Shirtless guy.

California man offering ad rental space on his chest and back.

Tags: Crazes Ideas Marketing Money People.

All your BS.

Chinese ‘corporation’ headquartered in $150/mo rental apartment tenders $450 billion bid for Exxon.

Tags: Bogus Business Money.

The Force is with them.

Cable channel buys TV rights to all six Star Wars movies. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Entertainment Marketing Money Movies Star Wars TV.


Canadian man buys $2500 worth of Serenity movie tickets and hands them out to people.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Money Movies Propaganda.


Swedish sperm donor ordered by court to pay child support.

Tags: Culture Divorce Family Irony Kids Legal Money People Sex.

Jedi mind trick.

Hypnotist in Moldova has stolen ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ by hypnotizing bank tellers.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Crime Getaway Magic Money People Robbery Unexplained.

Honest crook.

Man robs coffee stand then pays for coffee with the stolen money.

Tags: Bizarre Coffee Crime Getaway Money People Theft Wanted.

Keep the change.

Bank of America offering new debit card program that rounds up purchases to the next dollar and invests the difference in a bank-matching account. (via)

Tags: Business Change Ideas Investment Marketing Money.

Sin city.

Bankrupt New Orleans may have to start releasing prisoners.

Tags: Crime Legal Money Natural Disasters Prison Security.

Will I get it?

Brazilian psychic is claiming that the United States owes him the $25 million reward for providing the hiding place of Saddam Hussein.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy Discovery Legal Money People Unexplained War.

Payroll deduction.

British banker borrowed £7 million from his employer.

Tags: Bizarre Busted Caught Crime Discovery Money People Theft.

Ghost man.

Emaciated Indian man has spent his life roaming villages ‘scaring the daylights out of people. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Costumes Entertainment Fear Jobs Money People.

No ghosts allowed.

Indian brothers fined for keeping a pet ghost and bringing evil to their village.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Fear Money People Punishment Unexplained.

Deductible broomstick.

Witches in Amsterdam get a tax break for the money they spend on training, magic potions.

Tags: Bizarre Education Magic Money People Taxes Unexplained.

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